Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 9


The beautiful garden at the end of my old block.

Daylily.  I wonder if this one is supposed to have four of each kind of petal, or if it's supposed to have three (as usual, for daylilies).

Daylilies and phlox.


Stargazer lily, and white phlox. 

I'm not in love with this pic as a pic, but look at all the different flowers, in a small space!

Butterfly weed.  Yes, it does make a milkweed-type seedpod!

Not too much celery is grown in Michigan.  This is not a common sight at the farmers' market.

Gotta love August at the market............


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

understanding the brain.........


Peggy Mason, who taught my neurobio class (Understanding the Brain), showed us many parts of the brain via demonstrations with actual brains.

She has put some of those videos up on her blog -- if you are curious about what's going on inside your head, I urge you to click through and have a look.

She's a very engaging and interesting speaker.


August 8


On the 8th we went to Zingerman's Bakehouse for lunch and to get bagels.  (A toasted parmesan pepper bagel is a delicious part of a lunch.......)

Isn't this gazpacho gorgeous?  It was good.  It had a touch too much onion for my taste.

My daughter brought me this excellent light-weight bag from Italy.  It came with the matching dog (it can be stuffed into his back).  I love the dog, but I'm thinking he and the bag need to part company -- he weighs noticeably more than it does.

With my shades and my brand-new keep-my-shades-around-my-neck thingie from Sam's (on Liberty, in downtown Ann Arbor).  I've gotten many keep-my-glasses-around-my-neck thingies from Sam's, over the years....

Pleasant picnic area next to the Bakehouse.

Wild grapes on a fence behind the library. 

Lots and lots of grapes.  I didn't taste one.  I've tasted similar wild grapes in the past, and they are not good.



Monday, August 18, 2014

August 7


This butterfly landed on the sidewalk ahead of me as I walked.  I don't know what kind it is.  If you look closely, you can see its antennae and their shadows......

UPDATE -- my brother used Google image search and found the gray comma butterfly.  Google really does know everything, if we just know how to ask it.................  Thanks, CB -- for teaching me more about searching, and for answering the question about the butterfly.  :-)

Hostas have obviously always made these fruits after their flowers faded, but I don't remember ever noticing them before.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 6


Back-lit morning glory

The southerly path into West Park from the west.  Odd, how this part is arrow-straight,and then it begins to curve.......

Tall yellow stuff.  This is not prairie dock.  And it's not regular black-eye susans, either.

The petals hang down.....

Chicory, Queen Anne's lace, black-eyed susans, and that wispy tall white stuff.  With a rock.

Walking downtown to have lunch with my work buddies.  Downtown Home & Garden, with excellent window plantings upstairs.

These are morning glories.

There's an Au Bon Pain in the Union now, where the U. Club used to be.  Love these decorations in the Union.....

Enjoyed lunch, as always.  We barely scratched the surface of what there is to talk about.  We need to have lunch again soon!

I had to skedaddle after lunch -- I took my daughter to the airport.  She was off to Seattle (and the San Juans) to visit a high school friend.

At home.  Mud nest in my goldenrod.  I bet each of these little globs houses an infant wasp.  Each glob is about half an inch long.

Walking to yoga.  Thistles in West Park.  This many thistle seeds would feed a lot of goldfinches!


August 5


My Mothers' Day fuchsia.

I want to see the Disney cartoon, showing them as tiny little ballerinas.  With lots of feet.

The old dog, asleep in the afternoon.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 4




Closer crop.

Closer yet.  I never saw this little guy, until I got this image on "the big screen".....  That is one teeny tiny inchworm.  Millimeter worm?

Looking straight down at the same thistle flower.

Echinops, with coneflowers.

Closer crop.


Daylily breeders are really going to town.  Much bigger flowers than before (some way bigger than my outstretched hand), and much smaller......  As well as more petals, more substance, and new colors.............

I've seen more daylilies of all kinds this year than ever before.  More of the old-fashioned ones, and more new kinds, in more gardens..........  Hooray for daylilies!


August 3


Walking.  Daylily.

Cosmos, with shadows.

Here's that prairie dock.


Coneflowers.  With a few daylilies in the background.

Black-eyed susans.

I don't know what this is......

River of small zinnias, in a rocky bed.

Here's that orange coneflower again.