Monday, April 27, 2015

April 19


I'm not fond of car trips, but they do afford some excellent opportunities to look at unobstructed sky....

More color on the trees every day.

A closer look.

Back to the sky........

Back home.  Walking.

This is one of the little new street trees that arrived in the neighborhood a couple of years ago.  I think it is some kind of nut tree (if I remember properly what I read on its id tag).

These things don't look nutty.  Maybe they are (or were?) flowers?  I don't remember seeing them until a day or so before this pic.  But maybe they were there all winter.  I don't know.

A closeup of its fuzzy little leaves.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 18 -- rest of the day



Lots of houses near the farmers' market have been seriously upgraded.  Here is one that is in process of a major upgrade.  They are saving/repairing the original facade.

And more than doubling the original amount of space, it looks like.  Wish I could get a tour when they're done!

Later.  Walking in the neighborhood.

Magnolia.  The pink ones are usually later than the white one we looked at a few days ago, but this year early April was so warm that everything is bursting into bloom.

Another look at the same magnolia.

Maple flowers.


Closer yet.  See how we can see the chartreuse wings of the would-be seeds, already?

Look how a whole bunch of flowers come out of one thing.  As though they were coming out of a trumpet.  A fanfare of flowers.

Species tulips.  I don't think I'd seen this folded-over petal arrangement in a tulip before.

Update from my buddy K.:  These are not species tulips but rather are "dog-tooth violet" or "trout lily."  From that link:  "Recognized by its brown-mottled leaves"..........

Thanks, K.!  :-)

Here are  a couple of flowers that are farther along.  I wonder if the petals that were curved over in front are the same ones that are curved so far around in back on these two?  Or if one trio of petals curves forward, and when they open, the other trio curves back?

Here's that same white magnolia we looked at before.  Wow, eh?  With that blue blue blue background?

This tree has very fuzzy buds.

Do you remember, last fall, when we looked at the hosta that had fruit?  This is what became of the fruit, over the winter.  Dried empty pods..........

A few years ago I bought a package of random species-tulip bulbs for a dollar.  This is one of them.  I don't know that I would have chosen this color, but all by itself, when I'm still starved for color, I like it!


Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 18


Walking to the farmers' market.



A yard full of squill. 

Friends of ours used to own this property.

Big old tree.

Isn't this pretty?  The flowers look like forsythia, but much smaller.  About half the size of regular forsythia flowers.  It smelled good.....

These look more seedy than flowery.  A little baby street tree, spotted on Miller, across the street from Big City Bakery.

More fancy hydrangeas at the farmers' market.

More and more bedding plants.  Love the shadows....

I am continually tickled by the vast depth and breadth of the human imagination.  I would never, in a million years, have thought of making bonbons like these.  So cute.

If I were buying candy, I'm afraid I'd be sticking to my usual plebeian taste and going for peanut brittle, or a "plain" Askinosie chocolate bar.

But I love looking at these, and I surely appreciate the creativity that goes into their design and execution!

My breakfast -- sour cream coffee cake.  With pecans and cinnamon.  Mmmmmmmm............

I could see this really cute little French Bulldog, with his family, outside the window as I enjoyed my coffee cake.  He was eager to say "Hi!" to everyone, looking up at people with a lovely soft expression.  I finally HAD to go out and talk to him.

What a nice little guy.  Unfortunately, I don't have a pic looking at him straight on.  Aren't the wrinkles on top of his head adorable?  What a nice dog.

I miss having a dog to pet.  I haven't had a dog who really wanted to be petted (as opposed to only tolerating it) for a long time.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Brain and Space


The Brain and Space class I took earlier this year is being offered again soon.

I highly recommend this class, which is about how we know where we are, and where things around us are.  The teacher is very organized and thoughtful about the way she presents the material.

Lots of interesting info, very nicely taught.




Here is a really interesting article from The Conversation -- a bunch of astronomers pick their favorite Hubble images, and explain why.

I hope you'll click through.  Some of the images are gorgeous.  Some are less captivating visually, but the reasons the astronomers chose them are interesting reading.



sun flare


My better half has been working at home, on a device that senses heat as well as visible light.  When the visible-light camera gets pointed at the sun, more or less, you get some really cool flare.

The diagonal stripes in the lower right are the mini-blinds on the window.

There are windows on both sides of the corner of the study -- here you can see both of them, and some more cool sun flare.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 17


I have a few daffodils in the back yard.  I brought in a couple of them, so I can enjoy them up close and personal.

Walking.  Everything is getting greener.

Except the things that are red, for the moment.......

The silhouettes of the trees are getting fuzzier.  Not so clear-cut.......

Love this curly grass..........

It's been so warm that everything is popping into bloom.

Looking up into a white magnolia.


A variety of daffodils, and a couple of blue hyacinths.


The big fat fish who live a couple of blocks from our house have come outside to their tiny pond for the summer.  This is the pond that has bullfrogs.  (The homeowner goes to the Chinese grocery and gets bullfrogs each year.  Last year's bullfrogs went to Ohio to a much bigger body of water as last summer ended.)

I don't think there are bullfrogs here yet, but I expect there will be.