Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 15


Maples, through the front window.

On the way to yoga.  Redbud.  (This is the same redbud that has the very shiny purple-red young leaves.)


Dahlias in the yoga studio.


Monday, October 20, 2014

edited leaves


Here's that disappointingly blurry shot of water drops on the back of a leaf, and color on the fronts of lots of other leaves.

Here's that same image, with Photoshop Elements' "colored pencil" filter. 

I really like some parts of the "colored pencil" version........

"Dark strokes" filter.  Love what it does to the stems.....

"Palette knife."

"Poster edges."

This time I tried something I've never done.  I used the "under painting" filter, made a copy of that, used "colored pencil" on the copy, and then tried all of the blending modes.

Here are the two I liked best -- this is "overlay"....

And this is "difference" -- my favorite of all of the images in this post.


October 14


Me and Harriet (and Burt), out for an autumn stroll.

Every year my mind is blown, that this carpet covers the ordinary ground........

It was raining when we were out.  The camera does all my focusing, and it very often has trouble with wet things.

Raggedy mushrooms.



Ivy embracing a fence post.


Maple.  Unfocused, alas, but the color is just as I remember it.

Love the leaves on top of the the leaf stains on the pavement.

The water droplets are almost sharp....

Fall trees against darkening sky.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 13


Moseying, on a wet day.  Maple.



I bet this is a Siberian elm.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 11


Slanting morning light, on a foggy autumn morning.

Farmers' market.  Peppers, squashes.

I don't know the name of this squash -- aren't they cool?


The two previous pics were taken in shade.  Here are the same two leaves, in bright sun.  I like the shadows, especially of the stems.......

I was surprised to walk into the downstairs half-bath and discover this circle-section reflection on the wall.  I couldn't figure what was causing it.  My perspicacious better half realized it was the shiny "silver" frame around the medicine-cabinet mirror.  The frame's front is curved (the frame is rectangular, and fronts of the sides and ends of that rectangle are rounded).  It was that roundedness that was the cause of this curved reflection.  Weird.

Wow, eh?  Three maples.

Morning glories.

Maple, in the strong, slanting late-afternoon sun.

The same maple, in the shade.

One more time, on different pavement......

The back side of this leaf was very fuzzy.  You can see the fuzz around the edge, and if you look down the vein that has a shadow, you can see some more fuzz.  The whole back of the leaf was fuzzy.

We're not the only ones who call it The Rat House.

More and more skeletons have joined the rats.

Rats, skeletons, chalk basket.

Some of the rats are big.  This seated one is at least a foot tall.

Maple leaf stain on the sidewalk.