Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 20


The 20th was one of those rare days when I walk 10,000 steps (even though I am not on vacation in Europe, when 10,000 steps is pretty ordinary).   I began the day by walking to yoga (and walking home).  Somewhere between 1 and 1.5 miles, round trip.

Going to 8:00 am yoga, because there is a Smell & Tell at the library at regular evening yoga time on the 20th.

Ducklets in the park!!!

I counted 12.  That is a lot of babies for one parent to watch out for!  (Duck daddies do not seem to take a part in the raising of the bebés.)

An excellent late tulip, still going strong.

After class.  Admiring the garden in front of the Ann Arbor School of Yoga.

Irises in the strong morning sunlight.

Looking straight down.


The irises weren't the only things lit up by the strong morning sun.  Japanese maple, and friends.

That lit-up red/orange looks good against the shady tan, and dusty blue.

And against that blue sky.  Not to mention the neighboring tree's green foliage.

Back in the park.  Here is what has happened to the petal paper that I did not move to the more-protected environment inside my house:

Still interesting, but much more homogenously brown.

Approaching the pond, as we head westward, the path forks.  The right fork goes to the band shell, and the left fork goes to the bridge over the pond.

It is my impression that male ducks only "protect" against other male ducks.  He'll be right there with her until she starts sitting on a nest, and then he's out of the family picture.  I'm finding it hard to be warm and fuzzy about that sort of behavior..........

The couple above is at lower right in this next image.  The mama with the 12 bebé ducklings is standing on the edge of the pond about where the path at right is at the extreme of its curve toward the park.

This is not the same male as above. 

Tadpoles.  I think they look noticeably fatter than last week.......

Another good thing about the park is that we can get a bigger view of the sky over the park than in the neighborhood, where the trees are thicker.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 19


You may recall that on May 13 I talked about petal paper in West Park.  (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that post, if you click through.)

Tons of crab apple petals on the paved path, and some combination of rain and foot traffic mashed the petals into cohesive paper-like sheets.

They are really hard to get closeups of, as they are not very flat.  Petals stick up, and the whole sheet is pretty wavy/up-and-down-y.

I think they are cool..........

The neighborhood tree peonies were in bloom, on the 19th.

And the spirea are getting closer to blooming.



May 18


On our way to lunch.  Taken through the windshield with the phone.

Taken out the passenger window, with the phone.

Sometimes, when you snap pics from the car, you get unexpected things in your image.  But one of the lovely things about digital is that the incremental cost of an image is about nil, so you can take a lot and throw out the ones that don't please.

Through the windshield again.  Lovely clouds, on the 18th..........

Walking from the car toward the food.


They have swapped out our favorite soups for some we don't like as well.  That is sad.  Perhaps we should have had pastries instead of soup.

Later.  Walking.  All of the rest of the pics in this post were taken with the camera.  Brand new baby maple leaves.  Interesting how the newest ones are red, the middle ones are chartreuse, and the oldest ones are a much darker green.........

Walking on.  Allium. These are hard to get sharp images of.  They grow on tall stems (2' or so), so they blow in the wind.  There are various depths for the camera to choose between, when focusing (the flowers and the place where all the flower stems originate).

They are so cool and fireworksy that I keep trying.........

The clouds were excellent, earlier, and they were still excellent when I took my walk.

Frogs in the tiny neighborhood pond.  At least -- one frog for sure, and maybe that thing on the right is a second one?

Another hard pic to take.  I zoom way in, and then there are all the reflections on the water.......

What a great sky day!


coffee seems to be good for you.....


An article from The Conversation on research into health effects of coffee.


Monday, May 25, 2015

May 17


I have seen lots of pics of little old travel trailers which have gotten make-overs and now are exceedingly cute and spiffy.

I have seen fairy doors in many locations in Ann Arbor.

Here is a combination of those two trends.  Love the fairy garden, complete with sparkly path to the trailer (decked out with little flags), and don't miss the hammock overhead.  Only a fairy could get to that!

The neighbor who is the artist behind this conception was working on it when I walked by on the 17th.  We've chatted before -- she has a very nice dog.  I think this is a nice assemblage.

It's a fun addition to my walk.


May 16


Rainy morning.  Wet trees.  The newest leaf is the palest.

What I liked best about these tulip tree leaves are the paler places from which a bunch of leaves spring forth.  All of those stems, coming out of some paler stuff....  Unfortunately, the pic was taken through two panes of glass, and there was a bit of wind.  Not one of my attempts was really *sharp*.........

I messed with filters.  This is "conte crayon."  I wonder why it reverses the values (dark for light, light for dark)......


In the late morning there was a delivery trip to the airport.

A splash of pink in an otherwise monochromatic scene.

Later.  Walking.  This yard has a lot of varieties of hosta.  The variegated one is sort of "ordinary size."  The green one in the lower left is small, but there's at least one in this yard that is smaller yet.