Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 8, 2018, part 3



Seed pods.  Columbine in the front, and I don't know what in back.

Wow.  This gave me a blast from the past.  The desks I sat behind in upper elementary school were very like this one.  I remember opening them.  I remember my books were here, and my binder was there, and there was a place along the edge for my writing implements......

This one only opened this far, and I don't think it was meant to open farther.  I guess if you were small and sitting right in front of it, this would be enough.............

More clouds..............

Double day lily.


Lots of black-eyed Susan, and hydrangea.

I saw Japanese anemone blooming for the first time this year on August 8.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

August 8, 2018, part 2


Day lilies.

Backlit clouds.

Redbud in the strong light of sunset.

Backlit thistle.

Same thistle, different angle.

Black-eyed Susan.

Coneflowers.  Current flowers, going-to-seed flowers, gone-to-seed flower.  Birds love these seeds.



Monday, August 13, 2018

August 8, 2018


My better half had a noon bridge game.  He dropped me off by the farmers' market.

Begonias in a big planter.

It's August.  There are tomatoes.

And flowers.

There's coffee all year round.  Roos Roast is an Ann Arbor company.

I have it on good authority that this is really good.

There is still no Detroit Street in front of Zingerman's Deli (which is the brick building in the upper left corner).

Standing in front of the blue building in the previous image, looking back toward Kerrytown (with the bell tower) and the farmers' market.  (See the red white and blue shade "tent" things going toward the left edge, pretty much in the center?  Those are sheltering farmers and produce from the sun.)

From the salad bar at the food coop.  I'm still thinking about the Food as Medicine MOOC (massive open online class) I took a few years ago, which advised us to aim to eat 20 different things each day).  Salad bars make me happy -- I can get a lot of things in one meal.  This is at least 13 different things, counting the caraway seeds in the sauerkraut (lower left corner) and counting raw carrots and the cooked carrot in with the lentils (upper right corer) twice.   (All of this stuff is sitting on mixed greens, which I figure was at least four different things.)


Sunday, August 12, 2018

August 7, 2018


“Two Hairs In the Bathroom Sink”

I love hardware.

My computer is old enough that it doesn’t know how to connect to the internet all by itself.  So when it is talking to the internet like crazy when I’m processing pics (an activity that should be totally local to it, I believe) I can pull the plug and know for sure that it is not doing bad things for bad people online.  Hah.

Michigan’s fall primary elections were August 7.  Many of the primaries decided who represents us going forward. (Or should I say “decided if anyone represents us, or, rather, represents dark money".....)

Our progressive Dem gubernatorial candidate did not succeed this time, but of course I will vote for the Dem who did.  I hope Abdul will try again before long, in some capacity.  Otherwise, we were pleased. 

Then we went to Meijer's -- our local big-box grocery/etc.

Big sky behind Meijer's on the way home. 


Saturday, August 11, 2018

August 6, 2018


The good news on August 6 is my better half came home from Atlanta.  It's pretty miraculous that he could get on a plane in Atlanta, and be on the ground at Detroit Metro in less than two hours!

No pics; I was driving.

He is glad to be home.  I'm glad to have him home.  :-)

"The video signal has been interrupted."  And the internet, too.  This was the second time in less than two weeks.

I hate Comcast......................

I had a landline from AT&T for about 45 years. It was down two (2) times in all that time. Comcast, on the other hand..... Don't get me started.

We switched our internet to them because AT&T was, as far as we could tell, discontinuing wired service (requiring everyone to go with satellite).

Our internet has been down at least for a while two times in the last week. I'm not a big fan of AT&T, but I hate Comcast more. And that's the truth. There are many things not to like about AT&T, but in my experience their reliability was HEAD AND SHOULDERS above Comcast.............


Friday, August 10, 2018

August 5, 2018


I’m not fond of big parking lots. 

But I am fond of big-sky views, and parking lots make big-sky views possible. No trees = better sky views. Looking west over a big parking lot the evening of August 5.

Those black spots, pretty much in the middle of the next image, are crows.

Closer.  The crows were headed toward our neighborhood.

Balloon flower.  (Reiterating note to self -- no white fences.  I photoshopped the picket behind the flower to clean it up, but the rest of the fence is as it was when I took the pic.)

Closer crop.



Day lily.

Trees block big-sky views, but when there are no big trees, there are no crows. Crows gather in dozens and hundreds as the sun goes down, and then they spend the night as a dark and shining community in big trees.  On the morning of August 5, I woke with the crows, whose custom it is to greet the day with vigor and N. O. I. S. E.   I tried to get audio this morning, but failed.  

I was very pleased to encounter the crows as they gathered that evening. This time I was successful at capturing their chorus. They spend a good deal of time and energy choosing the right tree(s). A few will settle in a bunch of trees, and call to the rest. Groups move from tree to tree, as more and more crows arrive. I would love to know how they finally choose where they will spend a given night......

I wonder if the three crows in the second image in this post ended up spending the night with this bunch of crows.............


Thursday, August 09, 2018

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon work to get out the vote



August 4, 2018


The beautiful garden at the other end of my old block.

Black-eyed Susans.

Coneflower, and bee.


Closer....  Love that we can see her furry jacket, and the "hairs" on her legs........

Looking down toward my old house.

Evening primrose, I believe.

Day lily.


Wednesday, August 08, 2018

August 3, 2018


Happy Anniversary to the amazing RBG!  Long may you continue to fight for fairness, justice and what OUGHT to be the American way!

I mean to be writing words on clothing.  This is a proof of concept, and a test to see whether this tshirt fabric will bleed when washed.  So far so good.

Notes to self:

1)  let go of perfectionism
2)  use sharper scissors to cut out the letters
3)  let go of perfectionism......................

I saw my first local peaches of 2018 at the farmers' market on July 31.  Mmmmmmmm.........

The first of our tomatoes were almost ready on August 3.

A late-ish walk.  Sunset..........


A blue jay left me a present.

I couldn't get a clear vantage point of the pink clouds near the horizon.  We'll just have to imagine a better view of the sunset.