Tuesday, June 28, 2016

AADL summer game


I just completed this badge in the Ann Arbor District Library's summer game.

Miss Piggy gave some of my favorite advice on beauty:  "If you don't like your new haircut, stick a big piece of spinach to one of your front teeth.  No one will notice your hair."


June 24


Walking downtown to do some banking, and have lunch at the place that used to be Raja Rani.  If one is thinking that eating 20 different foods in one day is probably not a bad plan, an Indian buffet is an excellent place to dine.

Yucca, making its presence known in a patch of random self-sown plants.


Long lawn extension, full of daylilies. 

These are fancy daylilies, and they are beautiful.

But I will never love the fancy ones more than the old-fashioned ones.


Monday, June 27, 2016

June 23


One of those "it pays to keep your eyes open" moments........

We are looking down into the kitchen sink.  There is a clear glass plate sitting on the bottom of the sink, and there are bubbles trapped beneath the plate.................  Even in my own kitchen I see things I've never seen before...........

Milkweed.  This is a spectacular plant.  Lots of clusters of these amazing flowers, which smell wonderful.

Who gets to decide this lovely thing is a weed?  Especially as it is critical to the existence of monarch butterflies?


Sunday, June 26, 2016

enzymes at the replication fork


The title of one of the lectures I'm listening to in my DNA replication/repair class is  --  Enzymes at the Replication Fork.

This set of words reminds me of "Shoot-Out at the OK Corral."

I think Enzymes at the Replication Fork should be the title of a microscopic spaghetti western........... .

I couldn't find a creative commons image of a replication fork with lots of the associated enzymes.  If you click through to this page, you'll find an image.  Everything with a name ending in "ase" is an enzyme........


June 22


June 22 was a gorgeous day.

We parked in my old neighborhood when we went to the farmers' market.


Virginia creeper, all tendrilled up to do some more creeping.

The linden trees were full out, on June 22.  I think they are my favorite tree.  They smell so good....

Currants, growing near my first house.

The house across the street from "my" house.  Someone clearly loves this house.

My first house.  I loved this house...........  So does Mike, who owns it now.  I am grateful to him for taking such good care of "our" house, and for letting "my" flowers fill the space between the sidewalk and the road.

I planted some of these old-fashioned daylilies here, over 35 years ago.  They are thriving.  Just one of the things I love about this plant.

Poppy, in the beautiful garden at the other end of my old block.  This one looks like it can't make up its mind if it wants to be single, or fluffy.

Closer.  Love all the pink curls around that excellent chartreuse.


I must have walked past this a million times, but I do not remember it.

Linden.  You can smell them from across the street............  If I were planting a tree, it would surely be a linden.

Here's a look at a whole linden tree.  All that yellow you see is flowers.......

We had hoped for more strawberries at the farmers' market, but they seem to be all done.

We consoled ourselves with cherries.

Walking to yoga -- the sky over West Park, on a beautiful June day.

My exceedingly wise better half looks at a day like this, with gorgeous weather, flowers everywhere, lindens perfuming the neighborhood, delicious things at the farmers' market, excellent skies -- and notes that these *are* the good old days.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 20



Honeysuckle.  This is the most tropical-smelling plant I know that grows in our climate.  It smells wonderful........

Excellent sky.


Friday, June 24, 2016

June 18


Petunias in hanging baskets at the farmers' market, patiently waiting to go home with someone.  I love petunias, but have never had success with them.  They seem to immediately get leggy and sparse........

Closer look at some other petunias.


The beautiful garden at the other end of the block from my first house.  With lilies, snapdragons, and whatever that white stuff is in the lower left corner.

Poppy seed pod, with shadow and other flowers.

Red lilies with myriad greens.



Close crop.

Service berry.  I tried to get the phone to focus on the closer berries, but it had a different idea.  Which may be ok -- the way it focused on the farther berries, we can really see how this small tree is laden with fruit.

I eat a few from each service berry tree I encounter.  Thinking about Food as Medicine class -- service berries are a food that is available only just now, and who knows what nutrients they may have that my body will be glad to add to its array of possibilities?

The third week of June is prime strawberry season around here.  Here are three quarts, ready to star in strawberry shortcake.   Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

We make our "shortcake" with biscuits.  And we eat it with ice cream.  Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Later in the day.  A golf goal for each year is to be the last car in the parking lot.  This goal was achieved on June 18.

Gorgeous sky over the golf course.  See the moon, in the lower right?


Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 17


While I am a great admirer of gardens and flowers, I haven't any patience for taking care of them.

Anything that grows in my yard has to be strong and independent..........

Here's one of my daylilies.  I brought some daylilies from the Indiana countryside to my first house, and brought some of them on to this house when we moved here.

They do beautifully, year after year after years................


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Van Gogh's starry night, done in marbling techniques (paint floated on water)


Spotted on Colossal.


June 16


On the 16th I had lunch with my buddy K.  We ate at the Lunch Room in Kerrytown.  This is the second time we've eaten there, and we both liked what we had, both times.  Recommended. 

This is a detail of some cut-paper art on the wall at the Lunch Room.

You place your order at the counter, and take an image (held up by a metal stand) with you to your table (so they know where to bring which lunches).  I chose this nice bear to come with us.

We enjoyed lunch, and then went and spent some quality time in Hollander's, admiring all of the lovely paper goods, art supplies, books, etc.  I can spend a lot of happy time in Hollander's.