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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

November 28


It was gray and cold, on the 28th, but at least it was dry.  You can see a bit of snow at the edges of the pavement.

We drove to Granddad's town, and took him out to dinner.

We returned him to his cozy apartment, and enjoyed chatting.  We helped unpack some family pictures, and talked about where he might display them.  We were glad to hear he is going to exercise class, riding a stationary bike, and eating his meals with friends.

Change is hard.  Thank goodness for times when it makes life better.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10 -- afternoon


Hey -- this looks like Tuscany!  Tall skinny trees, olive trees.......  And it's not raining!

I believe this is the first time we saw Firenze (Florence) on a road sign.  This must be Tuscany!

Oh my.  Michigan roads don't lead to these places!  It's tantalizing to see the names of so many places I won't visit on this trip!  Rome!

This is the only modern-looking church I saw in Italy.

Gorgeous skies.  With more roadside wall.

We know a lot of rice is eaten in some parts of Italy.  When I saw wet low-lying fields, like these, I wondered.......  I don't think I've ever seen rice growing, in person.  I've seen it on tv.....


What beautiful countryside!

We don't have evergreens like this in Michigan.  Their habit looks like a deciduous tree -- I'm not familiar with evergreens which take this shape.

Wet springs lead to lots of green.

We have a day-trip to Siena planned.....

We are approaching our destination.

Love the shadows of the tall skinny trees.

Grapevines from closer up.  Olive trees on the hill.

Olive trees, from a moving vehicle, through a not-so-clean window.

Climbing the hill, through the trees.

We have arrived.  We have parked Ugo.  This is our first opportunity to stand near the top of a hill in Tuscany, and take pictures.


Olive trees, while I stand still, with no glass between us.  This is just how they look -- the leaves are green on top, and silver on the bottom.....


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April 10 -- heading south east


This was one of the best country roads we saw.  Two full lanes, and a bit of shoulder.

Crespellano and Bologna are towns; the autostrade is comparable to the US interstate,  though all of the autostrade we saw was toll road.

SP is for strada provinciale (provincial road, like a state road in the US).  Vignola is the name of this area, as well as the name of the town near Fattoria l'Alpenice.

And I have no idea what the 28 is.

Very typical country signage.

The blue ones are all places, with distances in kilometers.

The agritourismi all wanted to be paid in cash, rather than taking credit cards, so we decided to get some more cash.  It occurred to us that every village had a bank; we could get cash in any of them.....

Well, maybe.......  The first place we stopped, someone else was using the ATM when I walked up.  He was there for a while, so I took pics.


Mint and thyme, in front of the bank.

The man who was trying to use the ATM gave up in frustration, and indicated I should try.

It told me that my account would not accept any more withdrawals that day.

The first time I saw this message, it was disconcerting.  That's just the sort of message you'd see if someone were pilfering from your account.....  But I had seen the message before, and knew that the next machine I tried would probably give me some cash.  The man was waiting to see what happened to me, so I told him it wouldn't give me any, either.  He did not speak English, but I don't know that he was Italian.  He might have been German or something.....

We drove on to the next little town, and tried their bank.  The ATM was inside the bank, and I had to be buzzed in..........  Ok......................  But that machine was happy to give me 150 euro, so I was victorious.

My daughter and Ugo, waiting around the corner (no parking directly in front of that bank).

Here we are on the autostrade.  More signage we can recognize.

I don't know what it means that the wheelchair is orange, but I bet it means "not accessible."  We'll bet we know what the gas pumps and silverware mean.

We didn't stop at this rest stop, but we stopped later.

Lots of walls next to the autostrade.  Annoying to photographers, but I suppose they keep someone safer?  Quieter?  I don't know.

Tunnel.  The sign says "Pay attention.  Workers."

Driving through the hill.

Lots of tunnels.  Sometimes we'd exit one and head right straight into the next.  Maybe with just a moment to notice a white hilltop.  This hill looks like rock, not gravel.

The day got nicer, and the view was interesting.


At one point we were bottled up behind this huge tank being transported ... somewhere.  No room to pass, in the tunnel!

Remember what I said, when I was in Venice, about Italians and nice, neat wiring?  Look at the wires which are visible in this image, above and beside the tunnel entrance.  Nice, neat.  Square corners.  Nothing sloppy about it!  (as always, click on an image to embiggen)

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Friday, May 04, 2012

April 26


 On the 26th, my buddy K and I made an excursion to nearby Chelsea, MI, to see the fiber art show at Silver Maples. We enjoyed the show, and then did a bit of wandering in downtown Chelsea. We enjoyed the current displays in the River Gallery, and then had lunch. I like this sign.

Chelsea landmark.

Another Chelsea landmark.

This is our family's favorite Jiffy product.  It makes good pancakes, in addition to good muffins.  We add some wheat bran, but otherwise follow the package directions.


Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4


In Ft. Wayne, we visited with the children of my dad's oldest friend, and with my dad's sister. 

Here's a public service announcement -- when you are visiting someone who stays in a retirement facility, and you need lodging, you might check with the retirement facility to see if they rent overnight space.  This one rents a one-bedroom apt (complete with washer/dryer) for something like $50 a night!

Planning the day..........

Visits complete, we headed back to my house, breaking our Ann-Arbor-ward journey in Marshall, Michigan.

This excellent building bristled with pigeon-pokers.  (I don't know what that spiky stuff is called, but that's what it's for, and I like the alliteration.)  All that metal glowed in the sun.  This is a poor capture, but maybe you can see it along the top lines of the building.

I hadn't noticed that the middle-of-the-window decorations look like morels.

The bricks are set in a bunch of different ways.

Who knew.