Friday, April 20, 2018

February 13, 2018



Grocery-store flowers.

A long icicle.

Walking.  Snow on a stone wall.

A closer look at the snow and ice on the wall.  The snow has melted out from under the ice crust, leaving the ice "floating" in air.........


February 12, 2018


Mid February.  The sun is moving north..... 

Sunrise in a snowy Tree Town.

There was a significant amount of snow on the ground on February 12, 2018.

How Emotions are Made is a really interesting book. 

The more I read, the more convinced I am that pretty much everything that goes on in our heads is constructed.  Constructed partly of input from the outside world, partly of what we believe about our past experience, partly of how our body feels at the moment (contented?  queasy?  calm?  aggitated?)...............

For example, I have bodily sensations when I am working up to having a hot flash that I have experienced as "anxiety."  My brain notices that my body is having those sensations, and immediately hunts for a reason Team Me might be feeling anxious.  (There is ALWAYS something to be anxious about, if we hunt for it..........)

The more I can notice those sensations, and regard them as being unrelated to the outside world ("I must be about to have a hot flash.  If I wait a a few minutes, I won't feel this way." rather than "What's wrong???  What evasive action should I look for???"), the less anxious I feel.

I believe we would all do well to continually check what we think is right against data, if we actually want to maximize reasonable confidence that what we think is true lines up with what is likely to really be true............

I recommend this book.  I don't agree with every word, but I think there is a lot of useful info here.

Now here's something to be, well, not anxious, but annoyed! about..................

Ann Arbor would like to be a good place to live.  We pat ourselves on the back about "quality of life."  There's a lot of BS from city hall about how Ann Arbor is good for non-motorized traffic.

Here's Exhibit A for the prosecution.

Street all plowed.  INTO THE CURB CUTS.  (And, I add, into everyone's driveways!)  How does this benefit anyone but cars?  (And, on my street, *PLENTY* of cars just passing through [NOT neighbors....].)

The poor people who own corner lots are expected to keep the curb cuts clear.  It is often the case that they have shoveled out the curb cuts, only to have the plows come by and do this........  Oddly enough, those home-owners rarely feel compelled to shovel this mess out of the curb cuts, having already moved the original snow.

(I note that the plowed mess is much harder to shovel than the original snow.  These piles are hard heavy chunks, and if you don't move the mess immediately after the plow puts it somewhere, it freezes into a solid mass that must be chopped up before it can be moved.............)

The result is this.  A hazard for more-or-less able-bodied pedestrians, and an impassable obstacle for anyone else.

A closer view.  The pink is where my foot will be in the next image, to give some scale to this.

This mess is well over 2 feet tall.

Having successfully navigated this hazard, we look back at it from the middle of the street.  You can see the home-owner has shoveled out the walk, AND the curb cut ... up to the place where the plows filled the curb cut.........


Thursday, April 19, 2018

February 11, 2018



February 10, 2018


We got a lot of snow in February.


February 9, 2018


11:05 am

3:10 pm

One of the things about being able to watch the Olympics on Canadian tv is that you can watch curling pretty much 24/7.  If you want to.


February 6, 2018


Snowy sunrise in Tree Town.

Candy-striped roses in the grocery store for Valentine's Day.


February 5, 2018


Afternoon sun.


February 4, 2018




February 3, 2018


Grits for breakfast.  Mmmmmmmmmm..........


February 2, 2018


Frost at sunrise.

Postcards to get out the vote for Conor Lamb.

Poster inside the rest room at The Lunch Room.  Good on 'em for putting this where everyone sees it!

Portraits on display in The Lunch Room.

Black tables are good for pics.  The Lunch Room.


February 1, 2018


Afternoon sun, in Tree Town.

Tree trunk.  Pretty sure this is a locust tree.


January 30, 2018



January 28, 2018


This grapefruit was the most delicious citrus I've had in a long time.

Yum, yum, yum.

Walking to yoga.  That sky..........

Walking home from yoga.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Americorps-like program for journalism


Dad, I think you will be interested in this.  :-)

They are working to put enthusiastic, community-minded reporters in places where there are no reporters.  What a great plan!


what we learn about canine cognition/emotion


What we can learn about canine cognition/emotion after we train them to voluntarily accept having an MRI.


January 27, 2018 -- part 3: Rose's, and Bon Bon Bon


Rose's Fine Food.  We spent enough time at Pewabic that we were ready to have some late lunch.  But not too much lunch.

Two cousins, both Rose's granddaughters, started Rose's Fine Food.

There wasn't enough room at a table, so we sat at the counter (the counter seats have backs, so that was fine).  It turned out the counter seats are the best seats in the house, if you are curious about how your food is made.  They left our menus within reach.  We watched them make dish after dish, and kept consulting the menu to see what those various choices might be.  All of them looked good.

We ordered four sides.  Greens, grits, potatoes, and parsnip soup.  All of these were very good, and the greens were REALLY good.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.

This was the perfect amount of food.  Not too much, not too challenging, on top of pie a couple of hours earlier.

Then we went to Bon Bon Bon, which makes exceedingly intricate and delicious chocolates.

When I told them how much I liked the wall, I was told there had been a fire, and they just sealed the wall and kept the distressed look.

Bon Bon Bon -- everything very thoughtfully and carefully done, but not ritzy.

This was my choice.  (Description follows.)

This is the one I picked for my better half, who was off playing bridge and missed this whole expedition.

Zingerman's deli often has Bon Bon Bon chocolates.  This is the sort of thing I think of seeing at the Deli -- these really fancily decorated ones. 

Fancy old cash register.

We didn't actually eat these the same day.  We saved them and ate them a couple of days later.

Very intricate and thoughtful package design.  I think you could mail these and they would come to no harm.  Not ritzy, but doing the get-it-there-in-one-piece job thoroughly, in an un-fancy way.

They were yummy.  I liked my coffee one best.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

What a great expedition.  That was a good day, right there!