Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mr. Rogers


Mr. Rogers, on the importance of healthy-for-children programs on tv.


March 11, part 3


Library.  It used to be a bank.  Fancy door.

There was an exhibit of art by Warren Rosser.    This is a detail of Default #1.

This is most of Sentinel #1.

Detail of the above.  The info card said this is a monoprint.  I thought it looked like a woven textile.....

There's a deck and garden on the top floor.

I think these are the same sort of umbrellas we saw in the last post.

The entrance to the kids' section of the library is excellent.  Curvy "pages", and "books"....  Note stairs, at right.

Turning a bit to the right of the previous shot.  The staircase into the kids' section.

Spotted just to the right of the above.  Cute.

Large piece of wooden furniture, with the Bard at the top.

Looking out the library windows at more snow on light fixtures.

Having left the library, we are headed back to main street.  Bradford pear flowers, with snow.

Basketball fans, walking toward the games they want to see.

Back in the room.  It was getting a bit warmer, and the snow on the parking structure was melting.  I suspect the melted circles were over lights, but don't know if that's true.

Rather nice sunset seen from a gerbil tube.  This does not do it credit.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 11, part 2


Here's what one of those hundreds of card tables looks like, when it's about to support play.

Art in the Westin.  I tried to capture the artist's name, but failed.

Detail.  Love those curly lines and their dots.

Plants near the waterfall in the Westin.

Walking through the gerbil tubes, on my way to catch the street car by Union Station.

Union Staion.

Closer crop of the right edge of the above -- you can see the gerbil tubes go all the way to Union Station.

Redbud, seen from the gerbil tube.

Another shot from the gerbil tube.

And another.  Snow-covered umbrellas, tables, chairs.....

I think I mentioned before that the street car is a good way to move north or south toward Sprint Center where basketball is played.  Now I'm sitting on the street car, taking a pic through the window.

I took the street car all the way to the north end, in the market area.  It was Saturday, so the farmers' market was supposedly open.  I saw honey and jam, but no produce at all.  A contrast to the Ann Arbor market which has lots of apples and root vegetables and greens, at present (in addition to honey and jam and meat and fish and cheese and art work).

I got back on the street car, and rode south to the library.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

manufactured "tooth enamel"


Interesting that teeth are so similar, across species and millennia, and interesting to think of future possibilities for that sort of structure......


March 11


Snowing again.

A couple of closeups of the above.  They are doing some serious digging -- see the big pile of dirt, left center?  That pile got bigger while we were there.....

Sculpture and gardens in the park.

Abstract roof, lawn, shrubs, looking down from our window.

Another abstract -- looking down at just the roof this time.

A shot to give you an appreciation of the size of this window.  That's not the big size of Cheerios, but still.  A big window!

A big window which some moron (cheapskate?) covered with the curtains!  The curtain tracks do not extend beyond the window boundaries, meaning you cannot move the curtains so they do not obscure the window.  Sheesh!

My usual Cheerios-on-the-windowsill shot.

After breakfast it snowed some more.

Another abstract, looking down at the grass between the hotel and Gillham Road.

I spent a lot of time, sitting and enjoying this window.  Tea, novel, laptop, maps.........


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 10


I'll start this post with a digression.  My iphone is supposed to know what time it is.  It does know the time when we are at home (USA eastern time zone).

But.  When my phone is in the central time zone, it insists it is in Beijing.  (Which, apparently, is exactly 12 hours off from the USA's central time zone.)  Or, sometimes, it *says* it is in Chicago, but gives Beijing time.

I had to argue with it when we were in Chicago, and I had to argue with it in Kansas City.

It's disconcerting when Google Maps tells you you'll arrive at your lunchtime destination at 11:37 PM.  But it's annoying to not be able to count on the phone's alarm clock to wake you when you wish to be waked, and it's REALLY annoying when you are trying to edit your pictures, and the ones you took with the phone are 12 hours away from the ones you took with the camera (when you took them at the same time!). 

I did look for what to do about this, but was unable to do anything that would stick (or made any sense when looking at the various times the phone was showing me in the various places you can see times).

There were times when I would get the phone to the proper time (by brute force), but the next time I looked at it, it was an hour off, which is worse (for the purpose of getting the photos interleaved properly) than 12 hours off.....................

Sigh.  And argh.  Thank goodness for my $15 watch, which keeps to the time I tell it, period.  I can count on it to stay stuck to the time zone it's been set for!

Now back to the regularly scheduled Kansas City post. 

Just another beautiful day in Kansas City.  Most of the last several times I have visited, it was hot, Hot, HOT.  Perhaps this trip was an overcompensation.  We did not bring winter coats, and there were some days when we would have been glad to have them.

This nice little park is just to the right of the previous shot.

My parents live in a KC suburb.  I went to visit.  This bumper sticker resides on my parents' coffee table.


I imagine blaming is not a way to move forward, but it is very hard to maintain a kindly demeanor in the face of all that is happening now.  I remain shocked and appalled at the way things are going.  The uber-rich get richer, and the rest of the planet be damned.  Sickening.

The apartment across from my parents' has just been renovated.  It looks very nice (but is seriously lacking in closet space, in my humble, for people who have no basement or attic).

This is the surface of a cart used by the man who spiffed up the place across the hall.  I bet many art museums would hang it.  I like it a lot better than a lot of things one actually sees in art museums........

It was very good to see my parents, and to have a chance to get caught up.  I wish we lived close enough that it were possible to drop by for an afternoon every few weeks!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 9 -- shifting to Kansas City


On our way to Kansas City.  Looking southeast.  That is I-275 heading for Toledo, with a distant view of the big water -- Lake Erie, and a glimpse of the nuke plant on the shore.

Most of the way to KC looked like this -- not the best day for aerial photography.

When we got closer to Kansas, the clouds were broken.

Looks dry down there.....


A hazy look at downtown Kansas City, Missouri (and the old airport, in the foreground).

We have now picked up the rental car, and have found our way to the Sheraton Crown Center.

Walking down the hallway, glancing into a cardboard box.....

Apparently people have complained about "not enough hangers" -- they were adding a handful of these to every room, I guess.  We must have had 20 hangers in our closet, including the 8 or 10 more-expensive nice ones that were there before some of these joined them.

We had a spectacular window -- at least 5'x5'.  I like it when I get an almost 180-degree view of the sky......  This is looking north.

We were in KC because my better half and his bridge partner won some money to participate in one of the events of the spring national tournament.

This is one of the rooms in which bridge would be played......

Art in the hotel lobby.  Suspended shiny balls.  This looked different from every angle.....

Another look out our window.

A closer look.  New and not-so-new buildings, and the basketball arena where the regional college tournament was taking place.

Hotel lobby.

The rooms in the Sheraton have refrigerators.  Nice (and unusual for downtown hotels -- I hope it's a trend!).  We are on our way out to find a grocery.

Kansas City has a streetcar that runs on tracks in the road.  It goes up and down Main Street, from the train station up to the market area.  It's free -- just hop on, and hop off.  This makes it really convenient for tourists who want to go to the performing arts venues. or to the basketball game, or to see the Steamboat Arabia Museum (which has the largest collection of consumer goods from 1856 in the world).

Or to the grocery.  Cosentino's is a very nice grocery about a mile up Main Street from Union Station.  We got milk and Cheerios and a few other necessities.

When we got back, it was getting dark, and Union Station was lit up for the evening.