Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chigago quilt show -- quilts! part 2


Whew. Doing all this attribution is a (necessary and important) pain.

Another of my very favorite pieces. It seemed like there was less abstract work this year than sometimes. Love this one.

The main part of the image was printed (color and lines) on the fabric, and then more pieces (some of them transparent) were added on top of the image.

Collaboration II, by Peggy Brown

Love the transparent boxes. Love the tan/gold line of stitches (and that we can see it under the square).

Phobos Kinesis, by Leslie Hall

(they put the quilt info on music stands, which works pretty well, but does interfere with photography, as in lower left here)

Running Deep, Susan Brubaker Knapp

Castle Wall, by Trudy Kleinstein

I love the detail on this more than the full-quilt view. Love the way all the words, etc, on the individual pieces contribute to an overall stony quality. Love the uneven ends of the strips.....

Here's another spectacular piece. This one is moderately interesting from a distance (and would be more so in better light, I'm sure), but wait until you get up close! Wow!

A ton of work here. Fabrics galore, and so many surface manipulations! Tucks, prairie points, embellishments................


Vertigo, by Ludmila Aristova

Aren't those rectangular sequin things *perfect* windows?

And now for something completely different -- here's something architectural I can actually imagine myself doing..... So many pics of the Hyatt and its myriad reflections. This sort of simple abstract treatment I can imagine actually doing in fabric.............

Art Museum #3 -- Sunrise, by Christi Beckmann

The "show" was really comprised of many individual separate shows. They had their individual separate rules, and several disallowed photography. Too bad. Some of my favorite pieces were in those shows, and, alas, have to go uncelebrated.

Here are some more we are allowed to enjoy here.

Red Owls, by Karen Peirce

Another quilter who understands the value of stitch. This little guy was my fave.

Kaleidoscope Color Wheel, by Sandy Doubek, quilted by Christy Marnell

Album Patch, pieced in mid-1800s by unknown artist, quilted in 2003 by Kathy Colvin

If there had been a "best use of best fabrics" prize, this woman was an extremely strong contender. LOVE what she's done with the fish, and she had another piece with verrrry nice rocks........

Swim 4 Me, by Betty Busby

Don't you love the transparent fins? And their dots of paint (I bet)?

Beauty of Pensacola, Pensacola Quilters' Guild, quilted by Judy Holley



sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Have so enjoyed looking at these amazing quilts - such talent!

I need orange said...

I feel lucky to be able to go to the show! You are so right -- so many excellent things to look at......

Thanks for the visit, and for the comment!