Friday, October 12, 2012

a really exciting week, around here


It is being a really exciting week around here.

On Tuesday, I washed and put up the downstairs storm windows.  I will note that putting up storm windows is not as easy as it was when I was 30............  Noting further that loose-ish paint chips around the edge of a window pane can give a person a nasty cut.....

On Wednesday, the furnace guy came to give the furnace its checkup.  Good news; that 66-yr-old furnace is in great shape.

Yesterday I passed the 5th quiz in my Model Thinking course, and today I passed the midterm, with one stupid error, and 2 different 1/3 errors that I would argue about, if it mattered....  In both cases, I knew the answer was true (pick multiple answers from a set of choices), but didn't think it was true for the reason they gave.....  More good news -- I think algebra must be coming back to a useable part of my memory -- I got correct answers to both of the questions that involved computation!

I am now totally caught up in the class.  Six weeks of 10 have been completed.  No more assignments will appear on the web until Monday.  Woohooo! 

I have nothing I need to do for class, for a whole weekend!  Yay! 

Novels, here I come!


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