Monday, October 15, 2012

October 6


On our way to the farmer's market.


Backlit petunias.  I'm especially fond of the fuzz on the bud, and its shadow on the flower.

Another gorgeous day.

Chartreuse, burgeoning out of a planter.

This woman has a whole kale plant under her arm!

Carrots, radishes, radishes, turnips, kohlrabi.

Backlit peppers and tomatoes.

Gorgeous BIG peppers.

Herbs.  I'm pretty sure it's cilantro on the left, and sage on the right, but am not sure about the one in the middle....

Basil, rosemary, and I don't know what is in the upper right corner.

More excellent labels.

Love maps.....  Also love that paper-bag tan.  Doesn't it look good with the other colors?  And vice versa?

I picked up a few leaves on our way home, and photographed them in my fancy-schmancy studio (a piece of white paper, near a window).


Red maple, and I don't know what the yellow is.  I spotted these two, posed like this, in the gutter as I got into the car to come home from the farmers' market.  I picked them up, brought them home, and took the pic on the study table.....

Later.  Walking.

It blows my mind, every year, that all this gorgeousness is on the sidewalk for us to walk on.


Do you remember the Far Side cartoon that showed a remote canyon totally full of millions and billions of coat hangers?  The caption was "Now the only question is why" do they all come here, when they disappear from our closets..........

We tend to say "Now the only question is why...." when we see large collections of similar objects.

Beside the driveway at the Rat House.


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