Monday, November 12, 2012

November 7


We had our flu shots on the 7th.  The nurse told me that they were already seeing flu (in contrast to last year, when they didn't see it until March).  I'm sure we should have had our shots a month ago.  Sigh.  Well, we've had them now................

Walking home.  Burton Tower, home to the older of the University of Michigan's two carillons. 

Looking south-southwest.  That's Hill Auditorium, behind the Burton Tower.

Looking south, across the Diag to the graduate library.

Mums in a downtown planter.

Here's something else that is on my "ordinary path home from work."  I must have walked right by these, many times.  They are small, under an inch across, on a shrub at the edge of the woods-in-the-ravine.  My naked eye saw "flower," but this has to be a seed pod.

Thinking of Alice in Wonderland -- seeing a pink-and-orange "Eat me!" sign, clearly posted for the birds to read.

Walking to yoga.  I won't walk through the park, once it is really dark at 5:15.  On the 7th, it was still "light enough."   (This first image is exposed correctly for the sky, which makes the ground look darker than it was.)

This is how light it really seemed, at ground level.

Much more pleasant to walk through here (even with bicycles whizzing by) than to walk along Huron, which has a lot of internal-combustion traffic at 5:15..........


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Mariana said...

A wonderful photo 'diary'. I love Mums, but those Alice in Wonderland seedpods are quite amazing. If you ever find out what they are, let us know!