Friday, January 04, 2013

December 29 -- library and grocery


South wall of the Pittsfield branch of the library.

Zoomed in on the flag that is barely visible in the top right section of the window, above.

It wasn't all that nice a day.

Grocery store.  Flowers!

At this time of year, something inside me rears up and *reaches* for all this color.......  It's a physical sensation.

No wonder, given that this is what it looks like outdoors.

Going west, on Scio Church.

North on 7th.

This next shot is a lie.  Well, almost.  Perhaps it is a titillation, rather than a lie.  This is what the camera recalls (and I could see blue, above, when I took it), but we got not one single solitary ray of sunshine on the 29th.


Looking east on Linwood.


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