Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 16


On the 16th I walked downtown and had lunch with a friend.

Painted window at Cherry Republic.  "Life, liberty, beaches, and pie!" sound good to me!

I definitely got my exercise in on the 16th!  I walked down, I walked home, I walked the dog, I walked to yoga (and back), and I did yoga.  That's over four miles, walking, plus yoga!

Rose hips, on my way home from lunch.  These are huge -- 1.25 inches at least.  And this is exactly the color the camera and I recall.

The wind picked up, as the afternoon waned, but the sun was bright and strong.

Last summer I got used to having a book with me for Wilbur's mosey.

Lately it's been too cold, even with gloves.  I miss having a book!  W. moves faster when it's cold than when it's warmer, but still.  I suppose I could be practicing a "what is, is" disconnection from petty annoyances, as he sniffs and sniffs and sniffs (and sniffs and sniffs and sniffs)! but I'm not that evolved.  Especially when I'm shivering!

I took advantage of last week's near-Bahamian temperatures, and took a book with me.  I liked having it!

I braved the cold, on the 16th, and brought a book.  My fingers didn't get *too* cold, with gloves..... 

This is M. M. Kaye's Death in Kashmir.  I usually save my dog-walking book for dog-walking.  This one may be too "fraught" for a good dog-walking book.  I may get too wrapped up in what is going on, and have to keep reading after we get back to the house!

The beginning is set in deepest winter, too, which doesn't help me feel warm, moseying through a blustery January day......  I should be reading something set in the searing heat of Mesopotamia, or maybe Arizona.......


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