Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 8


Trash pick-up day in snowy suburbia.

Separate pick-ups for garbage and recyclables.

I wish I knew who designed these wheeled bins.  I would send them mash notes.  The bins are incredibly easy to move.  They are beautifully balanced, empty or heavily full.  It's a piece of cake to move two at once, down to the curb, or back up to the house.

Nice work, designer!  You make my life easier, every single week.  Thank you.

Later in the day.  Windy!

Sunset over suburbia.



Jeanie said...

Thanks for your comment on Chopsticks and String -- my book blog. OK -- detective work says Ann Arbor! I'm up in East Lansing. I also post (more regularly) on The Marmelade Gypsy. Thanks for coming by!

I need orange said...

You are welcome. Correct; Ann Arbor. I agree with you totally about looking at other people's book shelves. There are three of us living in this house, with varied interests -- the books scattered around the house tell a bunch of different stories!