Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 9



Walking toward the farmers' market.

Raised bed, in the snow.

Zingerman's Next Door -- fancy cakes.

My water and coffee, on a shiny black table.

Looking out at the patio.  Remember the snow, a couple of images above?  It was a beautiful sunny *winter* day...........

The temp was about 30(F). 

They ate their lunches.  And put on coats when they were ready to walk on. 

In Zingerman's deli.  Love the display of bagels, on dowels.

Cute leetle jars.  Saffron, and the same kind of Basque pepper my daughter bought in Bayonne, France.  These jars were less than 2" wide, as I recall.

Home again.  The mid-day sun was strong.

Enjoying the sunshine in the family room.  Note ear shadows...........

Sunlight, through the bread.

Zingerman's paesano bread.  Love the texture, love the taste, love that it is nearly as good the second day as the first, and still tasty on the third day.

Walking.  Black-eyed Susans against a lot of whiteness.

Barberry.  The berries are about 1/3" long.


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