Sunday, March 03, 2013

February 23


Cloudy early morning.

Someone organizes runs, and sometimes the runs go through our neighborhood.  There are signs at corners, saying "turn right," or "turn left," and groups of runners go trotting by.

This is the first time I've noticed them being so brightly dressed......

Later, there was more sun.

Any kind of day is a good day for a nap.....

A contrasty sort of day.

Robins at the grocery.  Well, under a crab apple tree, in the grocery store parking lot. 

There are six in this pic, and there were two more in the tree, and a few more in another little crab apple a few feet away.  One of my friends told me he'd seen at least three dozen in one tree in our neighborhood, a few days before this.  Maybe four dozen.  I've never seen that many at once, but it's not rare to see six or eight in late winter and mid-fall.

Later.  Walking.



Jeanie said...

At least you are seeing robins. I haven't seen a one (for that matter, I haven't seen many cardinals, either). I am so ready to say goodbye to winter. Next weekend I'm taking a fried on a road trip down to your neck of the woods for a birthday lunch. At least getting out of town will be a great good thing and a break in the action! Cheery Sunday.

I need orange said...

I have seen quite a few robins. One day I counted at least eight in trees out our front windows. I always worry about them, when there's still snow everywhere......

I hope we have good weather for your trip here next week! Nice dry roads, and maybe even some sunshine!

I am surely enjoying the sunshine today!