Saturday, March 09, 2013

March 2


Snow on the patio at Zingerman's.

Bostok.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.

My first iDevice -- the gift of an elderly iPhone, which I mean to use as an iPod.

I got some lessons, the morning of the 3rd, beginning at "how to turn it on"...........

A snowier section of the patio.

This was straight ahead of me (the view above was to my left).

I've had the "Spanish drinking chocolate" -- it's more like a hot pudding -- they're not kidding that you need a spoon..........  Mmmmmmmmm.



penni said...

But Vicki, I'm on a diet (she wailed).

I need orange said...

Not to worry, the Spanish "drinking" chocolate comes in a teeny cup. Like espresso.


And dark chocolate is a health food, you know.