Monday, May 13, 2013

the beginning of portable readables......


Another interesting article from

Here's a quote from the article linked below:

Seventy-five years ago, another American innovator had the same epiphany: Robert Fair de Graff realized he could change the way people read by making books radically smaller. Back then, it was surprisingly hard for ordinary Americans to get good novels and nonfiction. The country only had about 500 bookstores, all clustered in the biggest 12 cities, and hardcovers cost $2.50 (about $40 in today’s currency).

I already knew that it was recent, in the history of writing, for ordinary people to own dozens or hundreds of books, but I hadn't realized it was as recent as "within 75 years"!



Jeanie said...

I wonder if that's why things like "Book of the Month" club were so popular back then. And the Readers Digest condensed books? Not sure of the dating on those but it would make sense.

I need orange said...

It would, indeed! Excellent point.

More Italy, coming up after I read over some posts and see if I have any last-minute changes.