Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 5 -- on our way to Kansas City


On our way to the airport -- a car with character.  Or, maybe I mean "characterS".....

Blurry, but I'm so glad I managed to catch the water sloshing in the goblet!  I didn't see that until after we were past her.  The driver saw me taking pics of her car, and we shared a smile......  She was going at least 65 mph with all this stuff on the car.......

(note -- I was NOT driving!)

It was a nice day to fly.

The white plane with a red tail, on the other runway, nearly in the center of the pic, was landing as we took off.

I love flying..........

I love looking at the ground.

I love looking at the clouds.

I love trying to identify things I see on the ground.  I bet this is the Mississippi River, on the right....

On the ground.  We've acquired our rental car.  For the second time in a row, our small car turned into a big gray one.  Our KC car wasn't as big as Ugo, but was bigger than anything I'd driven in a long time.  It had all the bells and whistles -- backing-up camera, navigation system, satellite radio (and it wasn't all bashed up the way Ugo was).

This very long, flat, tree-lined road is the way out of the airport.  Kansas has had a very wet year.  Grass is usually brown in July.  (This is actually Missouri, but it's right next to Kansas.)



Jeanie said...

These people know how to have fun! I hope you do, too, in KC!

I need orange said...

Thanks! :-)