Thursday, July 18, 2013



A quote from the written version of the first lecture for Lesson 1 in Maps and the Geospatial Revolution:

"In each of the five lab assignments you’ll complete in this course, you’ll gain experience evaluating Geographic problems like these [where to put a new shopping mall; predicting where a hurricane will hit land; protecting endangered species] and you’ll see how powerful (and how complicated) geospatial analysis can be. You’ll also lose weight, feel happy about yourself, and maximize your earning potential!"

All righty then.  Who can say "no" to that?

This class has video lectures, written versions of the same material (that are not identical to what was said in the video), *and* pdf versions of notes and slides for the lectures.

I've been taking hand-written notes in all my Coursera classes (in part because I think writing it down helps me remember it), but with all this info available electronically, maybe hand-written notes are as archaic as I am (I do not have a smart phone!).....


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