Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 22


An out-of-the-usual day.  My better half went into Detroit with his golf buddy to see a Tigers game.  Unfortunately, the Tigers lost.

I delivered our daughter to the airport for her trip to San Francisco.  For reasons that escape me, I kept thinking I needed to remind her to be sure she had her passport, and enough pluggy-innie things.  I didn't feel that way when she went to Baltimore several weeks ago....  Maybe it's because San Francisco is farther?  Maybe it's because she hasn't been there a million times (she went to college in Baltimore)?

I don't know.  But she went off with no passport AND no pluggy-innie things at all......

I discovered yesterday that something mildly irritating had happened.  Some idiot signed up for "Free Insurance Quotes!" -- and gave my cell phone number.  I got wrong-number calls looking for Stacy all day.  Stacy, if you're reading this, you'll need to sign up again if you want your insurance quotes.  Please be more careful about entering your phone number next time!

I found this leaf as Willard and I walked around the block. 

The radar showed a lot of stormy stuff to the west of us, just before I left with W.  I turned off and unplugged the computers, and didn't know if I was going to be walking me at all.  But there not only was no rain as we meandered around the block, but the sky seemed lighter at the end of his mosey.  Okayyyyyy........  So I walked me, too, and never did see a drop of rain.  Too bad; we could use some rain.


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