Friday, December 20, 2013

December 17


On the 17th I took one of the cars in to get a new windshield.  (It had developed a crack, for no apparent reason.)

The nice people at A2 Auto Glass loaned me a vehicle, so I could wait at home.  I haven't driven anything this big in a long time!  I felt very tall and wide, driving this.

When my better half got home, he announced that he had been selected to buy a gift certificate on behalf of his colleagues at work.  From a downtown restaurant.

We went downtown and ate dinner.  We picked a place I used to eat lunch in, often, with my work buddies.  I ordered something I'd never ordered before, and didn't like it nearly as well as what I used to order for lunch.  Ah well.  Stepping out of the comfort zone is good, on occasion.  You never know when you might get something delicious......

After dinner, we went into another establishment to purchase the gift certificate.  The bar looks cool......   All those fancy bottles, in the low light............

I have to say that I find bars to be much less nasty, now that there's no smoking!  Still louder than I prefer, but at least I can breathe.  And I don't feel like I need a shower (or need to wash all my clothes!) when I get home.


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