Friday, March 14, 2014

March 10


The 10th was the warmest day in 2014.  High 40s (F).

A closer look at the snow above.  Stratification.

LOTS of snow still on the ground, even after several days with highs above freezing.

Um.  I don't think it was quite THAT warm........

Any day is a good day for a nap on the cowshe.

Wet tire-track mountain peaks on a dry road.

It was actually warm enough that I took a book with me when I went out with Burt.  For the first time since November, I think.  Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera, so I didn't record it.

This is when I was walking me, shortly thereafter.  I walked in a fleece jacket!  No winter coat!  Another first for this year.

The sidewalk was worse than this -- mostly too many lakes.  This is the south side of the street.  Much worse than the north side.  The sun makes a huge amount of difference.

Dirty snow piled on cleaner snow, above and below, showing where the front-end loaders were sent to move snow/ice. 

Back home.  North side of (unheated) garage roof.  Note dead-end trails made by elderly dog in the snow.  No running all over the place in deep snow for him.

South side of (heated) family-room roof.  The sun makes a huge difference........

Said sun, much higher in the sky than last week at this time.  It would be ok with me if we stayed on daylight-savings time all year 'round.


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