Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17


Cold.  Frost on the windows.

Blue sky.

Plenty of snow.

Comfy on the cowshe.

St. Patrick's Day is a day I've planted peas, many times in the past.  Here's where I'd be planting them..................  No peas planted on St. Paddy's day this year!

This is the pile made by the front end loader at the north end of my block.  It's melting faster than I'd thought it would.  It was taller than I am, when it was built.  Now (about two? weeks later) its about up to my shoulders.

The footing was good.  Burt and I went all the way around our block, with one detour into the street to avoid a lake.  My mile loop was fine; mostly dry pavement, with just scattered lakes and small icy patches.  So nice to have dry pavement -- I know it's safe and I can step right out, instead of needing to be cautious.......


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