Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 19


On the 19th it rained.  Not terribly hard, and not for very long, but on and off all day.

After looking at these shrubs, covered in snow, all winter long, it's odd to see them bare.  There was still well over a foot of snow on this lawn on the 19th.

On the 19th, the Weather Channel was talking about the severe winter so many of us have had.  They mentioned Ann Arbor, first, on the list of places that have had all-time record snowfall.  They said that we've had 92.2 inches, so far.

That's a lot of snow..............



Jeanie said...

I've been catching up and reading down your blog! Boy -- you sure do take a lot smarter classes than I could ever process!

We were down in your neck of the woods on Thursday -- celebrating the first day of spring with a trip to Trader Joe's where I bought lots of flowers! It was so cold and windy! And I hear more is due. But maybe not a lot of snow.

Keep toasty and hugging that sweet Bert boy -- I loved the photo of him a few posts back!

I need orange said...

I really enjoy learning stuff I never knew (or re-learning it, as it's currently thought about!). :-) And I'm learning some excellent new words, like poikilotherm............ :-)

Flowers are Good. :-)

I am SO over wind. I've never been that fond of it, and after so many COLD days, that were also windy, I am really over it. The cold I can take, but the wind....... I'm tired of it.

Burt has been grateful for these drier days, when he can walk without having to wade...... He's also grateful for grass to walk on (and sniff) at least some of the time. :-)