Saturday, April 05, 2014

April 1


Sunrise reflected by a wet street.

This is the same red car you see above, several hours later.  It's hard to tell, but this side of the car is noticeably higher (up on the ice) than the other side.  You can see from here that there is about a foot of ice where the tire is, and more, in front of the car.

On my way downtown to have lunch with work buddies.

This is the being-renovated house I showed you a couple of days ago, from the (wooded ravine) "park" side this time.  The path between the "park" and the house is 8' or 10' wide, and goes right up to that fence.  You can see how close that fence is to the house -- and it feels even closer, now, with those new bay windows (there's another one, behind the chimney in this view).  Everything from the blue part on back to where we're standing is new construction.

Clouds over West Park.  Most of the snow/ice is gone, but you can see there is a little in the woods at left, and there's more around (and over) the pond.

There was a bit of ice on this bridge -- the only ice I've walked over (or walked around) in several days.  Hooray!

And look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  An actual flower, growing in the actual ground!

This pansy has obviously suffered, but it's going to bloom anyway.  Hooray!!!

That pansy and these crocuses are in the garden at the Ann Arbor School of Yoga.

I enjoyed lunch with my buddies, as always.  A primary topic of conversation was elder care.  Both of them have had extensive experience, and were good sources of info.  Thank you, M & L!!!

On the way home, I spotted more color!  Crocuses on a south-facing front yard on Washington.




penni said...

The flowers -- though few and far between are a promise of spring. I am watching the tiny buds on my lilac take on a purple cast. We will have flowers!

I need orange said...

Indeed. Wow, lilacs! I'm barely believing in crocus at this point -- lilacs are right out there in fantasy land, for me, right now. :-)