Monday, April 21, 2014

April 15 -- afternoon


1:00 pm.

2:45 pm.

5:00 pm.

5:30 pm.

In 2007, the city decided which sidewalk squares needed replacement.  This square had the sticking-up edges sawn off, rather than being replaced.

A couple of years ago, the obligation to maintain sidewalks was shifted from the property owners to the city (via a proposal to raise property taxes very slightly to pay for sidewalk maintenance).  Now city workers are marking the squares again, for work to be done this year.  It's hard to feel all warm and fuzzy about all the work that was done in 2007-8 and now being re-done, because the work was done on the cheap a few years ago............

There are MANY concrete structures surviving from Roman times.  How is it that our sidewalks can't last even a few paltry decades?  And let's not even bring up our roads.....


Snow on our gate.  These fence boards are about 5.5" wide, so you can estimate how much snow is here.  This is more accumulation that I saw in other places. 


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