Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 18


The grass is getting greener.

Not thrilled with this -- I don't like the house, and I don't want the sun nearly in the middle but not in the middle......

Let's crop it and see if we can get more-interesting composition..........  I like this better than the original.

I like this better than the original, too.

I took this just after the original I was cropping.  It's been cropped too (I crop nearly every pic I take), but not as severely as the two immediately above.

Hmmm.  What have we here?  Squill in the lower right corner, but what is the cute little pink stuff?  I don't recognize it.

This is the only pink I've seen in the landscape so far this year.

These are the same maple-tree flowers we saw a few days ago.  They're looking a bit tired now.

I wish the camera had focused on the middle of the clump, rather than the edges, but I guess it's sort of cool to see the details on the edges......



Jeanie said...

I love seeing your photography and all its different croppings. Really makes the photos different, doesn't it?

I need orange said...

Cropping really makes a huge difference, almost always, for my pics. I always think about what is distracting, and cut as much of that out as possible.......

I usually know what I want people to look at, and if I cut out pretty much everything else, then it's easier for them to see what I meant to be pointing out...........