Tuesday, April 08, 2014

April 5


On the 5th we walked downtown to have breakfast.

This is the most new snow we'd seen in weeks.

Not much at the farmers' market yet.  Wheat grass (aggravatingly lightened by blogger, without a by-your-leave..............................).

These are one of my favorite things to admire, in the Zingerman's Next Door display case.  Lemon meringue is not what I best like to eat, so I don't get one, but aren't they beautiful?



Jeanie said...

That lemon meringue is drop dead gorgeous. Did I tell you Rick took baguette classes at Zingermann's -- he said they do great classes -- he was impressed and the bread shows it!

I need orange said...

I've taken pics of the lemon meringue tarts before, but I can't resist taking more..... All those swirls! The bakers are brilliant, searing the tops, so we can see their artistry more clearly....

I'd remembered Rick took a bread class, but didn't remember which one. The Bakehouse produces such good things -- I'm so glad they have classes, so we can learn from their expertise!