Friday, April 11, 2014

April 6


It is difficult, and not at all gratifying, to try to take care of someone whose only wish is to not NEED anyone to do anything for him.

While we are completely sympathetic to *not wanting* to deteriorate and become less and less able to do things, it is trying when needed help is strenuously rejected.

I believe he wants so badly for recent setbacks to be temporary that he can't acknowledge any other possibility.  I don't suppose he can see that his behavior and his choices have him going head-long toward the next fall, and the next hospitalization.

He's still plenty coherent enough that no one would declare him incompetent, but on some topics, I'm pretty sure incompetent is the only possible true conclusion.

I am reminded of an elderly person I knew 50 years ago, who was completely coherent on the topic of what a "papal encyclical" was, but who thought it was reasonable that I (at 13 years of age) should move into his house, because he apparently believed my presence there would mean it was ok for him to go back home (from the retirement community which was required for his safety)..........


Have you ever noticed how the main topic of a tv detective show may be familial relations between the victim of the crime and his/her family, and then, often, a sub-plot is about the detective's own family issues?

While we shop for raised toilet seats and electronic pill-taking-reminder gadgets, at home the dog is losing his marbles.  Eating more random stuff he'd never have messed with a year ago -- aluminum foil from the top of a yogurt container and hazel-nut shells he finds on walks.

Taking care of him is getting more annoying......  At least I am the boss of him, and can prevent him nosing around where I know there are hazel-nut shells......  Whether he likes it or not. 

Watching a dog like a hawk, so he doesn't eat anything he shouldn't, is no fun.  I'm thinking I need to shop for a muzzle.  One that will let him pant and breathe easily, but one that will make it more difficult for him to ingest things he oughtn't............

Raised toilet seats, muzzles -- do I know how to have fun while shopping, or what???




Jeanie said...

Sounds like you are experiencing life with the geriatric set. I remember the thing with the parents all too well --- and have several friends experiencing the same thing. Very frustrating, because they don't make wise decisions. Sounds like Bert doesn't, either. It's one thing to babyproof the house and keep the nasties out of the way -- but with dogs it's a whole different bit!

I need orange said...


Frustrating, when they used to be much more sensible, and are now descending into making more and more bad decisions!