Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March 28


The shrubs (etc.) we've been looking at all winter, from ground level.

More and more grass is visible all the time, but there's still a lot of snow and ice.

And too many lakes on the sidewalk.

It was warm enough to bring Lord Peter along for our mosey.

There's a ravine that runs along the middles of the blocks on the north side of Huron.  A few sections of it are park (including West Park).  This little section is "park" but it's an unmanaged woody ravine.

This house, right next to the ravine/park, is getting a significant re-make.  It had been a rental for decades, and after a fire last year, was sold.  Now it's getting a new lease on life.  It's going to be much bigger than it was.

Its situation right next to a "park" is sort of odd.  There's a public path that runs right next to the house (under the pink line on the closer crop of the above that you see below).

When you walk on that path (as I do, usually, when I'm walking to or from downtown), you are about 10' away from the house's windows.  I feel a bit intrusive, walking by.....


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