Tuesday, May 06, 2014

April 30


A warm day.  No need to be tightly coiled.

Later.  Comfy.

I took several shots before he woke up.

Much later.  Walking home from yoga.

Light streaming through a crack in the clouds.

The pond at West Park.  You can see someone standing on the boardwalk over the park, at left.  Above and curving to the right of that person is the path I take as I walk into the park.

Not much breeze; the pond is smooth..........  North end of West Park, including band shell (with orange top) at right.

Closer look at trees and reflections.

Leaving the park, looking across 7th Street.  It was the line of green at the top of the hedge that caught my eye.


I held the camera down and pointed up into the flower........



Anonymous said...

Hello, W and Vicki. :) Lovely photo looking up into the flower.

I need orange said...

Hello, Justina! Thanks for stopping by! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed looking up into the flower. Point-and-shoot makes possible a lot of shots that would otherwise require crawling around in the mud.............. :-)