Monday, May 26, 2014

May 15


Lily of the valley.


Crab apples.

I think this is spirea.

Here is what's happened to the maple-flower cluster we've been looking at.  Apparently the tree is putting more energy into leaves than into the seeds on this cluster.  Just a few seeds remain, and they don't seem to be growing very quickly.

I wish this next one were less blurry!  Love the curls at the ends of the leaves (esp. at left!), and love all those red lines.  Note that seeds do not look evenly plump.

Of course the clean-up after the storm goes on.  Crane in driveway, sawdust and blue tarp on roof....

The first downed trees I showed you were on this bit of street, but from about where that truck is.

Note crushed sidewalk........

Same stump, from the other side.   Yikes.

Beginning and ending with lily of the valley.  Pink, this time.


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