Wednesday, June 04, 2014

May 22


The maple leaves were nearly full size, on the 22nd.


This is the same maple tree whose flower clusters we've been following.

And the same locust whose extremely fuzzy brand-new leaves we looked at.

I suspect there was the same amount of fuzz, on the 22nd, but it was a bit more spread out, as the leaves grew....


Japanese maple against gingkos.

Tulip.  These flowers looked like there was something wrong with them, as the buds grew.  The petals, especially the edges of the petals, looked deformed.  It may be the case that this is the way these are supposed to look; I do not know.

Incipient chive flowers.


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Jeanie said...

Redbuds. My other favorite. I wonder if those are some sort of Shaggy Tulip variety? So many out there...