Thursday, June 05, 2014

May 23


The last of the magnolias.

Alium.  I always think these look like fireworks.

Never saw this ferocious looking bug until I saw it on "the big screen."

(True) geranium.

Bunny!  Last year there were bunnies everywhere.  This year, I've only seen a few.  It just goes to show, I guess, that swings in bunny population are not strictly due to predation.

Tulip.  Lots of tulips, still going strong.  This has been a good year for tulips!


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Jeanie said...

I've noticed (or rather not noticed) bunnies this year, too -- I've only seen six -- I keep count. Last year by the end of the summer or fall, I'd seen 24. Way behind. Wonder what it is...?

Alium are one of my favorites, too -- purple snowballs. I only have a few; my neighbor's are more plentiful. I may plant bulbs this year.