Sunday, June 08, 2014

May 28


Walking to yoga.  Lots of iris in the very nice garden on 7th which is on my usual path toward West Park.  I like the yellow inside this one.

The husks around black walnuts stain the sidewalk.  This is the first time I'd noticed -- black walnut flowers stain the sidewalk, too.

Blogger has kicked up the saturation.  Annoying of them!  This pic was nice, all by itself, and this seems like too much, even for me.  Sigh, and humph.

The pond in West Park is full of tadpoles!  Thousands and thousands of them.  I don't remember seeing them last year, and this year they are swarming.  This is pretty severely cropped.  On the 28th they were probably about an inch long, including their tails.

I was (and am) surprised that they are black, when their environment is brown and brownish green.  No camouflage going on here.........

Walking home after yoga.  It wasn't nearly as dark as this looks.

On the way  home I thought to take video of a few of the tadpoles.....

Here's that nice garden again.

Looking down at that iris from the top of the post.  I kind of like seeing the stripes on the petals, under the mostly-white upright petal at top right.


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Jeanie said...

It's catch-up day! And you are right about those iris -- they are fabulous!