Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 13


When I first knew the man who would become my husband, we worked in the same place.  Our workplace sponsored a softball team.  West Park was even closer to my first house than to my present house.  I would take my (lovely and adorable) corgi puppy over to the park, to watch the team play.

The yellow stripe in the above image is padding on the top of the fence, to try to protect players from injury if they run into it while trying to catch a ball.  I think it is distracting, when I'm taking pics of the not-ballfield park, but here it seems to fit in.

The ballfield is impeccably maintained, but has been bereft of players, at least on Wednesdays, for as long as I've been going to yoga (since January 2012).  I'd only seen ballplayers here once, before the 13th.

I had the camera zoomed out, to take the above pic, and then I cropped it.  In reality, I was all the way over here.  See the yellow line marking the back of the outfield, at left?

I didn't see any activity in the pond.  Until I got to the east end of the park (at the far end of the pond in the photo above).

Look!  See all that blackness?

It's millions and billions of tadpoles!

I didn't count, but I bet there are 100 in this pic, which probably covers about a 4x6" area.

Can't you just hear Mama Nature's "more is better" hallelujah chorus?  "MORE is BETter!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  HalLE-e-luJAH!"

A little video of tadpoles..........

I actually stuck the lens of the camera through the fence for this shot.  That gazebo/pergola/thingie in the upper right is in the Miller entrance to the park.

The first yoga class after a 3-week break between sessions.  It was nice to see my long-time classmates.  Some of us older people are not keen on moving up to a higher level of class..........

Amazing sky after class............  You can't tell, but there were still ballplayers on the field (which is right under what you can see in this pic).  I don't suppose it was the same people, but maybe it was.  I hope they'll be using the field more, this summer, than they have for the last few years. 

Jet trail through (probably behind, really), the clouds.

Is this pond an excellent addition to the park, or what?  Wow.

Love the sky, and its reflection......

As you can tell from the fact that we are looking right at the setting sun, this is west.

Same as above, only a bit lower.  See the three little trees, lit by the sun, bottom, left, above, and top, left, below?

This gives you a good look at the boardwalk/bridge over the pond.

Jet trails, trailing off......

I like just the little bit of shore, curving across the top.

Another look at the board walk.  With chartreuse trees in the slanting evening sun.  (Note three little trees, upper right.)

Ripply reflections.

A closer look at the three little trees.

Now here's something interesting that I didn't think to take a pic of in situ.

There are crab apples in the park.  Their petals were thick on the (paved) path, and some combination of rain, and, I expect, being trampled, as turned them into paper!  I picked up a lot of pieces of petal paper, and carried them home.  (Took all of the "coming home" pics above with one hand full of delicate-but-bulky petal paper!)

I think it wants to be in collages..........................


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