Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 18


On our way to lunch.  Taken through the windshield with the phone.

Taken out the passenger window, with the phone.

Sometimes, when you snap pics from the car, you get unexpected things in your image.  But one of the lovely things about digital is that the incremental cost of an image is about nil, so you can take a lot and throw out the ones that don't please.

Through the windshield again.  Lovely clouds, on the 18th..........

Walking from the car toward the food.


They have swapped out our favorite soups for some we don't like as well.  That is sad.  Perhaps we should have had pastries instead of soup.

Later.  Walking.  All of the rest of the pics in this post were taken with the camera.  Brand new baby maple leaves.  Interesting how the newest ones are red, the middle ones are chartreuse, and the oldest ones are a much darker green.........

Walking on.  Allium. These are hard to get sharp images of.  They grow on tall stems (2' or so), so they blow in the wind.  There are various depths for the camera to choose between, when focusing (the flowers and the place where all the flower stems originate).

They are so cool and fireworksy that I keep trying.........

The clouds were excellent, earlier, and they were still excellent when I took my walk.

Frogs in the tiny neighborhood pond.  At least -- one frog for sure, and maybe that thing on the right is a second one?

Another hard pic to take.  I zoom way in, and then there are all the reflections on the water.......

What a great sky day!


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