Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 20, rest of the day


The car was making a rubbing noise somewhere in the front, if you bore left around a curve at about 30 mph.  I took it back to the mechanics, and walked home.  Working on those 10,000 steps.......

More tree peonies.

 I think this is spirea.

Another interesting sky.    Those tiny little spots of cloud, near the top...........

I've seen more pink maple seeds this year than I remember ever seeing before.  (usually they are tan or green)

I think this is some kind of hydrangea.  But I'm not sure.

So -- I think the mechanic is about a mile from the house, putting me at 2-2.5 miles walked, at this point.

Walking downtown to the Smell & Tell.


Michelle is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fascinating speaker.  She knows all kinds of things I've never dreamed of, and generously shares what she knows.  She brings all sorts of interesting things from her vast collection of scents, and shares those, too.

An evening with Michelle (and the audience she attracts) is like a mini-vacation to an exotic place you may never have known existed..

On the 20th we smelled sandalwood, and agarwood (which, alas, is no longer available, as all the trees were chopped down by greedy people (including thieves), and the trees have to be 30-40 years old to be harvestable.....   We smelled a couple of perfumes -- Encre Noir, and Yatagan. 

All of the scents are pondered and discussed.  Memories are shared.  The presence of others in the audience adds richness to the variety of memories.

Highly recommended.  If you want a real break from ordinary life, and have an evening free when there is a Smell & Tell downtown, my advice is -- make time and go.  I will................

I walked home after the Smell & Tell.  It's over a mile from home to the library, so that brought me up to somewhere between four and five miles, walking, for the 20th.

It became clear to me that I really (really) needed a new pair of shoes.  The old ones just didn't have much cushion left, and my feet weren't as happy as I like them to be.


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