Friday, May 29, 2015

May 23


The morning light shining through Venetian blinds, hitting a shiny cylindrical wastebasket made circles on the floor.

Driving to the farmers' market (so we had a car to take baby plants home).  I think this is one of the phone company relay stations (or whatever they are called).  The places where the phone company installers go to make your connections to the outside world, before they come to your house and put in modems/routers/whatever.

Someone has taken a good bit of time to make this one more attractive than it would be otherwise.

This is the beautiful garden at the end of my old block.  Looking east (and a bit north).

Looking west toward my first house.

Love the way this stuff cascades over the rocks, and love the shadows.

There was an old-car show in town.  This fancy car was parked in front of the beautiful garden when we walked by.

Love this packaging.  It says about everything about s'mores....

Later.  Walking.  Horse chestnut.  What's not to like about these exuberant flowers?

Iris.  I love iris.

There's such a lot going on...........  And some of them smell good, too.


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