Tuesday, June 09, 2015

June 2


Looking at blue sky and clouds, through the trees....

I believe this is Sweet William.

More Sweet William, a little farther along.......


More blue sky and clouds.

Peonies, in the late-afternoon sun.

The way home.

Cottontail rabbit.  I was totally focused on this one, and didn't notice there was another one in the same yard, until I was moving on.

This yard has a varied hosta collection.  I think there are at least 10 different hostas in this image, from pretty big to very small, and with a variety of colors.  Can you see the tiny chartreuse one, just peeking out from behind a rock, in the lower right corner?

This is the tiny chartreuse one I just mentioned.

This maple seed is probably about three inches long, which gives you an idea how tiny this hosta is.....


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