Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 23


Walking up to the farmers' market.

Squirrel tracks.  I believe I would have known these were squirrel tracks, anyway, but since I saw them being made, there can be no doubt who left these marks.

Radishes.  Love the colors......

When we got home, I noticed these tracks on top of our trash bin.  At first I was thinking they were enormous cat feet (3" across?).

Then I counted the toes.  Too many -- cats have four toes.

Pretty sure this is a raccoon..........  Even though we can't see the long fingers that we saw in the park on the 22nd.

This one is on the "compostables" bin.  So surprised -- not sure I've ever seen raccoon tracks before, and to see them two days in a row, far enough apart that it's very unlikely to have been the same raccoon......  Odd.

Walking to yoga.  Nasturtium.  Exotic -- first the round leaves, and then all that ... stuff ... on the flower? 

In West Park.  Purple and white asters, and goldenrod.  So glad all of these flowers are in the park!

I have no idea what this is.  The camera remembers it as more red than I remember it.  I'd have said it was more purple....

I think this is a different green bee than the one we saw the other day -- I think the other one was all green, and this one has a yellow-striped behind.  Beehind.

Dead branch near the top of a locust tree.  It reminds me of the windblown ancient trees I've seen pics of, at the edges of deserts ... or continents................

Eleven ducks in the pond, all hopeful that I brought them a snack.  Alas, no snacks from me on the 23rd.

After yoga.  After sunset!  Startling, how quickly the seasons swing round.............


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