Tuesday, October 06, 2015

October 1


I set out on October 1 to run some errands.  My watch battery was dead, and we need to replace the dripping (cheap, worthless, shame-on-you-IKEA) faucet in the bathroom.

We were having a run of bright blue, cool and windy days.

I was almost warm enough in shirt sleeves, with the sun out, just running into a store from the car.

I went to Batteries and Bulbs on Packard just east of Platt.  I've been there several times, and have always found that they are very helpful.  They advertise that they "will fix it" -- and so they do.

I could buy a battery for my watch.  Assuming I could get the back off, to find out what sort of battery I needed....  Once upon a time, there was someone at Target who could replace watch batteries for you.  No longer.....

Hooray for Batteries and Bulbs -- they will fix your watch up with a new battery, no problem.

The next customer who came in after me had exactly the same problem.  How nice to have a place where they will help you.

Here's what the sky was like when I came out, a few minutes after I went in.  Looking east.

Looking north.

Then I headed to Home Depot to look at BRAND NAME, and, I hope, RELIABLE faucets.  I walked by a lot of enormous faucets I thought were for kitchens, and only belatedly realized those were bathroom faucets.  I am baffled by the trend toward bedroom-sized bathrooms.  I want my bathroom to be a size that will be warmed up by my hot shower in the morning, so that when I get out of the shower I am neither freezing, nor obligated to use irreplaceable fossil fuels to heat a room that only needs to be warm for a few minutes after I get out of the shower.

And I don't need a bathroom sink I could handily use for washing cookie sheets.  A small sink is fine......

I chose a faucet.  I hope it's a good one.

I looked at paint chips.  I love looking at paint chips................

Here's what the sky looked like as I left.  Looking south.................


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