Friday, October 30, 2015

October 16


My brother took the 16th off from work.  We had a lovely lunch, partially consisting of a variety of special meat items, including smoked pork chops, and fancy sausages.

We all liked the pork chops.  I also liked the smoked kielbasa, and was surprised to like the bratwurst with mozzarella in it.  I wasn't as fond of the mango and habanera bratwurst.  Others had other opinions on the sausage, including some who quite liked the mango and habanera.

The chef had a very attentive (but polite) audience.

He just stood there.  Licking his chops occasionally.  I caught just the pink tip of his tongue.....

After lunch, we took the dogs for a walk in the park.  The pond was full of algae.  It was in very narrow stripey patterns, apparently from the movement of water and wind.  I'd never seen anything quite like it, and, alas, was not able to capture it properly.

I tried...........

The fountain at the other end of the pond from the previous two pics.  Water emphasis.

Sky emphasis.

That evening we had dinner in the high-rise we looked at yesterday.  This is my parents' place, seen from on high, near the dining room.  Their deck is behind the small tree in the bottom left quadrant of this next image.

There was a lot of celebrating going on in Kansas City while we were there.  Their Royals baseball team were on a march toward the World Series.

These fireworks, however, went off in the middle of that evening's game.  It turned out they were because of something closer and more local to our location.  Unfortunately, I can't remember what!

The building in the bottom of this next image contains the place I stood to take the previous one, and this next one was taken from the deck you can't see in the image above!


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