Thursday, October 01, 2015

September 26


Bostok, from Zingerman's Bakehouse.  If you like almond flavor, I predict you will love this. 

Running the Saturday errands.  Looking west-southwest from the sidewalk beside the Pittsfield branch of the library.

Looking south.

I put a lot of books on hold at the library.  I used to put them on hold, in olden times, when I wanted somthing that wasn't on the shelf, but I put WAY more books on hold now.

Any time I'm on the web and someone talks about an interesting book, or I'm taking a class that is full of chefs talking about what they do, and I'm intrigued.............  I click on over to the library, and reserve the book(s).  And if my library doesn't have them, because they would rather be purchasing foreign-language novels than books requested by actual tax-payers, perhaps I can get the books through the Michigan inter-library loan..............

One of Life's Little Surprises is what shows up when you put books on reserve.  You never know, for example, whether you actually want to check a book out until you've had a chance to look at it (or, at least, *I* don't....). 

And you never know how big the book is going to be. 

Look at this!  !!!  This is one of the biggest books I've ever seen!  It's enormous, and it's really heavy, too!  Definitely in the "must have car to take home" category!

The pictures are A M A Z I N G.  Sort of like the difference between seeing a movie at home on tv, or at an IMAX theater.  !!!  If you have any interest in photography, or food, see if you can lay your hands on a copy of The Photography of Modernist Cuisine.  And you might want to bring a forklift when you pick it up........

Grocery-store flowers.

On football days, locals carefully choreograph their excursions.  "Leave home shortly after the game begins...."

Many businesses and home-owners relatively near the stadium let people park on their lawns.  For a fee. This is a church with a lot of football-goers' cars.  $$$...............

Pioneer high school's property used to belong to the university.  When the U sold it to the school district, it came with the understanding that football traffic would be allowed to park there in perpetuity.  For a fee (which goes to the district).

This next image was taken from 7th, just south of Stadium.

A much closer crop of the above.  Pioneer is kitty-corner from the stadium; you can see the scoreboard in this image....


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