Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving


Our week did not go the way we expected.  Gilda was right, it is "always something."  And some weeks, the "somethings" pile up.  A dead computer; the plumber and the furnace guy coming on the same day; one of the old folks in the hospital again.

The drive back and forth to do eldercare is a nasty one -- an hour's worth of traffic-packed switching from one too-busy expressway to another.  Our plans put on hold, while we did someone else's laundry, and waited for test results..........

Working hard on remembering to appreciate that, almost always, this moment right here, right now, is ok.  No bears behind the trees; no need to actually physically run for our lives.  Taking deep breaths.  Appreciating the fact that, in this moment, there is no disaster that needs immediate addressing.  No bears.  Working on letting go of the tension that accumulates (so quickly, thanks to three billion years of evolution!) but is not useful, because my day's "bears" are all potential rather than actual..........

After the 6-8" of snow we got over the weekend, yesterday (Nov. 25) was beautiful.  Clear, blue, bright, and 50 degrees (F).  The grass is still green.  The plants are still making oxygen for us.

The roads were clear of snow and ice, as we made yet another trip to the hospital to spring him and install him in rehab.  He was very glad to not be in the hospital, with odd (and/or awful) roommates, and staff wandering noisily through the room at all hours of the night, and glad for better food.  He's determined to do all the physical work they throw at him, so he can be able to go back to his apartment.

Things could be much worse.

Concentrating on green grass, blue sky; on being able to breathe, and walk, and get things done.  Looking forward to a day free of expressways, spent quietly at home.

Pumpkin pie for breakfast. 

Wishing for you your preferred version of pumpkin pie for breakfast, and a day which includes savoring the good things life presents.


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