Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 11


On November 5, I raked the front yard.  I found a ring in the grass near the sidewalk.  It wasn't dirty; I don't think it had been there long.  I don't know anything about jewelry, but it was heavy enough that I was sure it hadn't come out of a gumball machine.

I put a sign in our front yard, saying "RING FOUND.  Describe to claim."

On the morning of November 9, a police officer showed up on our front porch.  He said that someone doing yard work in our neighborhood told the person whose yard he was working on that he'd had a ring stolen.  That person told him about the sign in our yard.

How that led to the police officer showing up at our door, I do not know.  It seemed that the individual who said his ring had been stolen was known to the police....

I showed the officer the ring.  He had seen pics of the stolen ring, and this was clearly not the same ring.  He took some pics of the ring I found, and took our address and my name and phone number.

He said that if an individual showed up at our house and "made us uncomfortable" asking about the ring, we were to call the police.

Sheesh.  All I want is for the person who lost the ring I found to have it back.  I do not want to become involved with "persons known to the police".......................  !!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought about this, and decided to take the ring downtown to the police station, and give it to them.  I surely don't want it.  I just want whoever lost it to be able to get it back.

On the morning of the 11th, I got dropped downtown, so I could take the ring to the police.

Of course it was Veteran's Day, so everything at City Hall was closed.

Sigh.  Who knew finding someone else's ring, and wanting them to have it back, could be so complicated!

I took myself and my frustration (and the ring!) over to Kerrytown for a little light retailing.  I hadn't wandered around inside Kerrytown for a while.

I enjoyed looking through the expanded Found in its new location, admired many things at 16 Hands, and then spent a good deal of time looking at all the eye candy at Hollander's.

Rack with sheets of black and gold papers.............. 

There are racks and racks and racks of fancy papers of all descriptions at Hollander's.  They are a Destination for paper people, and book-binding people, and art-book people.  They also have an excellent supply of cards for all occasions.  I bought no paper, but I bought cards.....

This excellent white paper is in one of the windows that separates Hollander's from indoor space in Kerrytown.  I love this...........  I am thinking it would look great on a colored wall.........  I may have to go buy some.  What a lovely big *statement*-y piece of paper!

I walked home through West Park.

There were hopeful ducks on the pond.  Note the one swimming determinedly right toward me.  Alas, I was empty-handed, food-wise.

Pond reflections.

Love the ivy on this house...........

Curving around the window............

Fallen leaves and chewed-up walnut hulls, on an elderly picnic table.

The top of the stump of a locust tree that was cut down last summer.  Most of it was dead.  I didn't like walking under it (as large branches regularly appeared on the ground beneath it).  It's always sad when an old tree goes, but this one was definitely gone before it came down.

I heard an unfamiliar noise in the trees, and looked up.  Flicker, in a Bradford pear.

Love that checkerboard, especially with the red!

I'm not that fond of pears, but I like to have one every so often.  I bought some at the farmers' market, and this is the first one I pulled out of the bag.

Love the shapes.............................

I wish this image were sharper, but maybe it really doesn't matter?


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