Monday, November 30, 2015

November 22


We got a lot of snow on the 21st!  I didn't hear an official estimate, but I think we got at least 6-8".

Looking out the upstairs bathroom window, in the morning sunlight. 

Most of the yellow leaves that were still on the maple trees on the 21st have come down.

Later in the day.  The afternoon light on a snowy day can be very blue.........

You can tell that there was very little wind as the snow came down.  Not only were all the twigs piled high -- we got these odd bunches of snow on top of the fence posts.

Looking slightly down from the above -- snow on the fence and the gate.

A lot of snow!  I'm not quite touching the snow, but my hand is very close to it.

This would not be a remarkable amount of snow for us, in the middle of winter.  But for the very first snow this season?  I've never seen this much before, as a "first snow."


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Mary Ann said...

i need about an inch of that snow. please send it STAT!!