Friday, November 06, 2015

October 19


The color was fabulous when we got home from Kansas/Missouri.

Our little tomato plants were still producing.

Interesting skies, on the 19th.

One of the neighborhood fairy gardens was decked out for Halloween.

Rats were coming out of storage, at the Rat House.



Jeanie said...

Those rats are a tad creepy!

I need orange said...

Since they show up every year, increasing all during October, and since there are SO many of them, I am able to just enjoy them.

Individually I think many of them are creepy, but in their hundreds (literally!), they are ... almost like performance art, or something. I don't see the performance (of putting them out, and arranging them), but each day their yard is different.

Now there is exactly on white rat left, with a red and green ribbon around its neck. :-) :-) :-)