Monday, November 09, 2015

October 24


Amazing fall carpet...............

Wow!  All of this, just dropped down for us to walk on.  !!!

Carpeting left by those three maples we've been admiring -- orange, yellow, red............  (And we admired those black-eyed Susans beside the white picket fence, back when they were blooming.  Lots of seeds here, now, for the birds....)

Wet roses near the farmers' market.

Pumpkins and squashes.

Peppers!  And orange bench (upper right).

Interesting wreaths.

Gorgeous greens (and purples).



I'm going to guess these are turnips rather than rutabagas, because the bottoms are not golden.....  I love winter food...............

I also love Iron Goddess tea.  Happy with this image...............  Reflections and more reflections......

My buddy K. proposed that we go to the Fiber show that was at the Farm Council Grounds.  What a good idea!  We had an excellent time petting all the fiber, and chatting with fiber friends, and admiring all the lovely things that were for sale.

This is, alas, not a very good venue for this sort of products.  WAY too dark, in my humble.  These are barns where they keep animals, at other times.  They were very clean, but no natural light at all.

I suspect more goods would move, if the venue were lighter and brighter.



thecrazysheeplady said...

Great fall colors! And yes, lighting is important...and fairly easily fixed, especially now that LED lights are getting so much better.

Jeanie said...

this is glorious! Glad I don't have to sweep up all of those! And your farmers market photos are terrific. They belong in a magazine!

I need orange said...

Thanks, Sara. :-)

Thanks, Jeanie! [blush...] I'm really pleased with some of these. :-) It just goes to show -- keep taking millions of pics, and you'll get some you really like.