Thursday, November 12, 2015

October 28, part 1


Walking, after a rain.

Excellent drops on leaves.  I wonder what it is about the bottom surface of leaves that makes (or helps?) the water ball up in to drops..........  (Note that the bottoms of the leaves have drops, but the tops do not....)

Close crop taken of part of the upper left of the previous.  I am betting this is how people started thinking about magnifying lenses........

Saturation boosted........

Hey!  Look who's here!  I bet this is similar to the critter that was on the outside of our screen door, several weeks ago.

This is a complicated little guy.  Spikes on its "shoulders" (or is that its "neck"?).  All kinds of stuff going on in back -- layers.  Betting some of that is wings..........  All that splotchiness is probably excellent camouflage -- if you're on tree bark, rather than a plain yellow leaf!

Leaves and more leaves.

Saturation boosted.  I like to see the blue come up.........

A closer look at the water.......

Closer yet, and with the saturation boosted just a bit.

Most of the leaves above have been maple.  Here's some barberry.

Yet another excellent day!

Zooming in on the tree in the prev.........

It seems to me that the leaves on the maple trees that are dark purple all summer usually just get sort of greenish in the fall.

This fall, they have shown a lot more color than I remember them having in previous years.  I think the yellow one is from a different tree, but many of the dark leaves here are showing quite a bit of red/orange, for leaves from one of those dark purple trees.

Two leaves which I believe came from a dark-purple tree, and most of a hickory leaf.  Mama Nature's arrangement.

As you would guess, the Rat House was pretty well ratted-up by the 28th of October.  The orange ones gathered on top of the wall just north of the driveway.......

The medium-sized ones headed up toward the big skull (and the house!).

Japanese maple.

Here's what the leafy carpet looked, like near where I stood to take the image above.  Oak, oak, oak, oak, oak, Japanese maple............


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