Sunday, November 08, 2015

sky, this morning


I am still weeks behind, getting caught up from my time in Kansas last month.  But I had to show you this, right now, just after it really happened.  Maybe I'll move it into sequence, later, when I get to November 8th's other pics.......

I went to sleep early, November 7, and woke up early November 8.

The study blinds never got closed last night.  Which was a good thing -- look what I saw in the sky when I walked into the study this morning (11/8/15)!!!

(My rendition.  Far too much light pollution -- alas -- for the little camera to be able to capture this.................)

The two closer to the moon were so bright I figured they had to be planets, so I went looking.  The info I found at earthsky says that Venus is closest to the moon, then Mars, then Jupiter (barely visible in the upper right corner).

I'm less sure that I'm correct about Jupiter, but still.

Is it cool, to be able to see other planets with our bare eyes?  And cooler still to know that's what we're looking at?




Jeanie said...

Wow -- you must have a great camera. I have such a tough time getting moonscapes -- and you got planets!

I need orange said...

No, no -- not a camera at all -- this is faked.

Or, I probably should say -- it is an artistic rendition, not a photograph. :-)

I went in photoshop, made a black background, made a white circle and a black circle the same size, and made three more smaller (and smaller) white circles.

Then I diddled with arranging them (black circle on top of white circle, for the sliver of moon), and sizing them, so they (all together) looked like what I saw outside.