Tuesday, December 29, 2015

1891 "pocket camera" to clamp to your bicycle


See the camera, clamped to the handlebars?

I didn't think they had film, in 1891, so I went looking for more about the Scovill Pocket Photographic Outfit.  This page has tons of huge pics of the camera.  It used glass plates...  Film is a huge improvement over glass plates, for anyone who wants to travel with a camera.  And -- I'm so glad to be able to use digital cameras!

Seen in the Smithsonian's Instagram account.

(I believe that anything from 1891 is out of copyright, and so feel comfortable using this image here.)



thecrazysheeplady said...

How cool! Smaller than I'd have thought for using glass plates. Looks like a go pro :-).

I need orange said...

I thought this was cool, too. :-)

The pics in the article about the camera were interesting. It's not clear to me how to get plates in or out of the camera without darkness. Maybe they had a backpack of other supplies, like some sort of shroud for darkness, and extra glass plates? It's fun to speculate....

I'm still glad to have a digital camera that captures hundreds or thousands of images on one little stamp-sized chip............ :-)