Monday, December 07, 2015

November 27 -- shifting to Denver


One of the cloudiest flights I've ever taken. 

A rare glimpse of snow-covered ground.

Flying into the sunset.

The camera chose a different exposure for this one -- the sunset is less present, but we can see the layers of clouds better.

Zooming in on the sunset.  The colors here are the ones I remember seeing.

Twenty minutes after the previous shot.  Something about this next one reminds me of old "linen" postcards......

It was cold (20F?) and snowing in Denver.  We took a cab into town, and were grateful that the driver was very cautious about potentially slippery roads.

Walking into the Homewood Suites downtown.  One fireplace near, one farther away.  There was a third one, in a different part of the lobby.

When they say you get a full kitchen in your room at Homewood Suites downtown Denver, they are not kidding.  How many times will you see a full-size fridge, let alone a full-size dishwasher! in a hotel room?

The yellow tray sat on top of a large ottoman -- a combination foot rest and coffee "table."

The "suites" are really one big room, with the bathroom sticking out in the middle, dividing the living space from the sleeping space.  There was no door between the two spaces, but they were somewhat separated.  While the separation was nice, this plan meant that there was essentially no natural light in the living space.  I wasn't crazy about that. 

We actually ended up in a different room from the one partially shown above.  After our excellent fortune in Chicago, getting that spectacular view after we asked to be moved, we tried asking for a better view in Denver as well.  The Homewood Suites, unfortunately, is shorter at 12 stories than many of its neighbors.  We did get a "mountain view" but it was obstructed. 

The room we ended up in was bigger than the one above, and the kitchen was all along one wall rather than turning a corner.  But all the furnishings were the same.


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